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Southern Ohio Chapter of the Association for Information Science
Volume 18, Number 4 December, 1997


As 1997 draws to an end, we have much to reflect on, and much to look forward to in 1998! There were many outstanding programs put on in 1997, and the planning is underway for more exciting programs in the coming year. We had some award winning members in 1997, and a new board was elected for 1998.

Read on to find out the highlights!  
 *Election Results
  *SOASIS Committee Appointments
  *Message from the Chair
  *1997 SOASIS Awards
  *Report from ASIS '97
  *SOASIS Board Meeting Minutes
  *Annual Treasurer's Report

If you have any news, ideas, comments or observations to share with SOASIS members, please forward it to me at the following email address:

Happy Holidays!

Victoria Whipple, eNewsletter editor



The 1998 SOASIS Board is as follows:


 Elna L. Saxton
Head, Periodical Services Department
University of Cincinnati Libraries
PO Box 210033
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0033

  Victoria Whipple
Reference Librarian
Washington-Centerville Public Library
111 W. Spring Valley Road
Centerville, OH 45458

 Alison Armstrong
Head, Training & Educational Services Department
University of Cincinnati Libraries
PO Box 210033
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0033

 Marianna Wells
Head, Geology Physics Library
University of Cincinnati Libraries
PO Box 210153
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0153

 Victoria Whipple
Reference Librarian
Washington-Centerville Public Library
111 W. Spring Valley Road
Centerville, OH 45458

 John Tebo
Head, Chemistry Biology Library
University of Cincinnati Libraries
PO Box 210151
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0151

 Yvonne Michal Davis
1593 Oak Knoll Dr. #2
Cincinnati, OH 45224


Workshop Committee: Yvonne Davis, Chair; Karen Marsh; Marianna Wells

Awards Committee: Jim Cretsos, Barbara Davis, Karen Marsh

Web Committee: Earl Einhaus, Doug Kaylor

Membership Committee: Alison Armstrong, Jim Cretsos

Nominations & Elections: Not yet appointed

Volunteers needed and appreciated! If you are interested in working on a SOASIS committee, please contact Elna Saxton, 513/556-1413


Are you a member of ASIS?
Did you know...

The ASIS mission is to advance information professionals and the field of information science. Our local chapter, the Southern Ohio Chapter of ASIS, is working hard to advance the mission of ASIS by providing methods of communication and continuing education for information professionals in the region.

Change is constant, especially technological change, in information science. Yet information professionals in one discipline often are isolated from the key developments in others. If you don't like working in isolation, look at what ASIS has to offer. The ASIS Web site can introduce you to ASIS and the ways it can make you a more effective information professional... and more indispensable to your company, institution or organization.

Then take a look at our web page

If you want to be a part of the fun and share the experience with our dedicated and lively members who are web-mastering, putting together workshops, editing newsletters, and learning about Internet2, digital press operations, Java, and on and on....our Chair, Elna Saxton (513/556-1413), is waiting to hear from you. By the way, you will learn more about these dedicated and energetic members in upcoming issues of the e-newsletter when we begin our "member profiles" column.

All our student readers take note: Full-time and part-time students can join ASIS for for just $30 yearly. What a deal!

Elna Saxton, Chair


At the September 17, 1997 Program and Meeting of SOASIS, several members were recognized for their contributions to the chapter. Karen Marsh, SOASIS Chair, presented awards and checks to the award winners and certificates of recognition to other significant and noteworthy SOASIS contributors. Jim Cretsos presented Karen Ruud Marsh the Heberle Eyles Leadership Award.

HEBERLE EYLES LEADERSHIP AWARD (plaque and a check for the amount of $100)
- Karen Ruud Marsh

SOASIS OUTSTANDING MEMBER AWARD (plaque and a check equal to the amount of one year of membership dues to ASIS)- John Tebo and Marianna Wells

JOHN KAHLES MEMBERSHIP AWARD (plaque and a check equal to the amount of one-half year of membership dues to ASIS)- Elna Saxton

-Yvonne Davis - for organizing a most successful workshop on "Managing Web Servers"
-Victoria Whipple - for instituting and editing our electronic SOASIS e-Newsletter
-Elaine Gillam - for the early development of the SOASIS Web Page
-Earl Einhaus - for mounting the SOASIS Web page

Elna L. Saxton, Chair


The ASIS '97 Annual Meeting technical program covered "Digital Collections: implications for users, funders, developers, and maintainers." The following observations were made by SOASIS member Doug Kaylor.

The overall quality of the meeting was very good. There were a number of excellent presentations, and they ranged from academic theory to the applied practice. The Web continued to dominate and shape much of the discussion, and it seems to me that people are finally coming to terms with some of the issues of organizing and searching the sprawl of information on the web. I found some of the work being done on data warehousing, intelligent agents, and metadata to be very promising.

Tom Kalil from the National Economic Council was a keynote speaker. He spoke briefly and answered a variety of information-related questions, while avoiding others. He sounded like a political expert who's columns you read or who you see speaking on TV. What I found particularly interesting was what he didn't say. The one question he refused to deal with was encryption. When a member from the audience tried to get a statement on the Clinton administration's policies on encryption, Mr. Kalil made a brief joke, just stood there, smiled, and gave no answer. When a follow-up question produced no further answer, just silence, the next questioner went to the microphone and the session continued with the encryption questions unanswered.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of the conference was seeing SOASIS's own John Tebo receive an award as Chapter Member of the Year. This was presented during Chapter Assembly. John, Yvonne Davis, and I were there representing SOASIS. Congratulations, John!

Other Chapter Assembly business included a report from the ASIS Membership Committee. The committee, through a focus group technique, queried members, former members, and likely members from the corporate world regarding membership benefits. Preliminary results indicate that local networking activities are an attractive benefit. Chapters like SOASIS play a crucial role in providing these benefits to its members.

The Annual Meeting is not just all business, there is a great deal of socializing that goes on. ASIS has its own culture, which can be very inclusive and welcoming. I had dinner with a past ASIS president on the night before the conference started - just an accidental meeting that lead to an invitation to dinner. I find it hard to imagine that happening in some of the other professional meetings I have attended where the differences between leadership and membership are much greater. But ASIS is different - and that's a good difference!

Doug Kaylor


SOASIS Board Meeting
Thursday, December 4, 1997 5:00pm
University of Cincinnati Engineering Research Center rm 405

Present: Karen Marsh, Marianna Wells, Rich Spohn, Jim Cretsos, Elna Saxton, John Tebo, Victoria Whipple, Alison Armstrong

Congratulations were extended to John Tebo for being awarded SOASIS Chapter Member of the year. (Jim Cretsos)

1)Marianna distributed the treasurer's report from the past year.
We over spent by about $1,500. but our balance is still healthy at about $6,000. We need to replenish as well as expend.

2)Outreach was discussed. Lots of ideas were thrown out such as; Increasing the mailing list with adding groups such as other Ohio/regional ASIS chapters, GCLC, SLA, various Kentucky Institutions. Put ads for our programs & workshops in UC Currents & perhaps offer Saturday workshops.

3)Ideas for workshops & programs were discussed. Rich, John, Alison & Victoria will work on an Internet2 program for February. We anticipate a 1/2 day of lecture/panel type presentation. Location perhaps between here & Dayton or in Dayton.

Workshop Committee: Yvonne will chair with Karen and Marianna to develop a 1/2 day workshop on Java Scripting - or something similar. This would be more of an interactive type program and could be a 1/2 or full day.

Potential programs were discussed and included; L/N thesuarus development for business databases, metadata, medical center &/or NetWellness & its evolution, UC's Digital Press & Dayton Art Institute's imaging. For some of these we will consider working with another group, such as Central ASIS or GCLC to share expenses.

4)Committees needed for next year:

Awards: to convene in February & needs one continuing member.
Jim will continue and Karen volunteered to serve. Need one other member.

Web: should be a committee rather than just a task force. Earl will continue his work on the webpage and Doug has agreed to work with Earl on this committee. We may want to link to people's pages from our site & link to our newsletter. If anyone else is interested in working on the SOASIS webpage, please contact Elna.

Membership: Jim & Alison will work on this committee. Karen volunteered to assist with the gathering of profiles, etc. Jim will get the existing labels from Elna & will contact HQ for additional membership information. We need to concern ourselves with recruitment and retention. Need to be more aggressive. Some suggestions included inviting guests to our programs, memAlert from ASIS to SOASIS, get help from HQ generally, have extra copied of the bulletin for easy distribution.

Nominations & Elections Committee: Will be appointed later in the year.

Newsletter: Victoria will continue as editor. She needs an updated membership list. Ideas for upcoming newsletters include thumbnail sketch of new members (ask them to provide a brief bio), get updates of existing members & have a one page member profile beginning with officers - Jim will be glad to do some interviews. Need conference report for newsletter. Minutes, election results, treasury, committee membership will also go to newsletter.

DEADLINE for newletter submission is 12/15.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:07pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Alison H. Armstrong, Secretary

                       ANNUAL TREASURER'S REPORT
                  October 1, 1996 - September 30, 1997


Chapter Rebates @$164.34 each ......................$    328.68
Chapter Meetings ...................................$  1,215.00
Member Donation ....................................$      9.75
Interest on Account ................................$    174.28

Total Income .......................................$  1,727.71


Chapter Meetings ...................................$  1,850.00
Joint Chapter Meetings with SLA ....................$    528.00
Supplies/Postage/Copying ...........................$    241.28
SOASIS Mugs Reorder ................................$    156.30
  Outstanding Member Awards, 2@$115.00 $330.00
  John Kahles Membership Award         $ 57.50
   Heberle Eyles Ledership Award       $100.00 .....$    387.50
Award Expenses .....................................$    122.57
Bank Charges .......................................$     14.85

Total Expenses .....................................$  3,300.50

December 4, 1997
by Marianna Wells, Treasurer


Happy Holidays to all...and look for upcoming program annoucements soon after the New Year!

Victoria Whipple
Washington-Centerville Public Library
111 West Spring Valley Road
Centerville, OH 45458


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