SOASIS....On the move

Southern Ohio Chapter of the Association for Information Science Volume 18, Number 2 April, 1997


Now that the eNewsletter is up and running, we need a name for it! Since many minds usually work better than just a few, I'd like your suggestions for what we can call the SOASIS eNewsletter. Submit your suggestions to before May 9, and you may see your title at the top of the August edition!

May 9 is my last day at UC. I will pass my new email and phone number on to the other board members as soon as I have that information, and will publish it in the next issue. You will find the email and phone numbers of the board members at the end of this eNewsletter, feel free to contact any of us at any time.

Contents of this eNewsletter include:

Victoria Whipple Editor, SOASIS


Message from the Chair

SOASIS charged into the New Year and shows no signs of stopping this spring! Please read on to discover the exciting new programs that our Program Chair is coordinating, as well as a summary of the successful SOASIS workshop offered this winter. If you missed that one, don't let another SOASIS opportunity slip by. Kudos and thanks to members of the SOASIS Workshop Committee that pulled the workshop off without a hitch. The effort was led by SOASIS member Yvonne Davis, with the able assistance of Barbara Davis, Elna Saxton and John Tebo. We would love to see you at the upcoming SOASIS offerings, and have many opportunities for you to help!

I will be present at SOASIS gatherings only in spirit over the next four months. The reason for this is that I will be taking a professional leave to assume the role of Co-Director for Library Operations at the National Information Learning Center, in Tbilisi, which is in the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia. I will be keeping in touch via e-mail and look forward to sharing my experiences in our summer newsletter. The minutes in the current newsletter address issues of SOASIS business in my absence. I appreciate that our Chair-Elect, Elna Saxton, will be carrying out her responsibilities in the absence of a Chair this summer.
I trust that the SOASIS Board will provide her with the needed support and I will do what I can from afar. Have a great summer, and don't forget that members of the SOASIS Board are just a phone call away. Please call to express your interest in becoming an active member!

Karen Marsh


From the SOASIS Program Chair

The "Managing Web Servers" workshop on March 25th was a big success. Michael Leach, an engaging and skillful instructor, covered technical, fiscal and personnel issues relating to web management. Team operations for web-mastering were briefly discussed, and are the current approach in library web operations.
The next program, "Custom Research Information Service at the University of Cincinnati" will focus on the start-up and ongoing operational concerns that were faced by Dorothy Byers, Head of the UC Engineering Library, and Suellen Fortine, CRIS Librarian. CRIS provides research assistance on any topic, and services ranging from citation verification and document delivery to comprehensive literature retrieval and analysis. This program will be held May 1, 1997, from 5:30-7:00. Contact Elna Saxton, 513-556-1413,, for more information.

*** Mark your calendar ***

Doug Kaylor, Head of Reference for Dunbar Library at Wright State University, is coordinating a tour of the virtual reality lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The program they are working on, "DEPTH," involves creating virtual humans who perform virtual maintenance of systems. 3D CAD models are importedinto DEPTH and treated as simulations that can be worked on by virtual humans, and subsequently modified and reevaluated at low cost. As the simulations are run, information and animations can be captured for use in logistics analyses and technical multimedia.

Understanding how humans interact with computer systems is of interest to all information professionals. We currently have graphic images to help users find information: the web environment uses icons, pictures and images with users pointing and clicking to choose options. New technologies being developed in the virtual reality arena will one day be applied to an information model. In the virtual dimension, instead of sitting in front of a computer screen and keyboard, a user could wear VR goggles to seek, find, and use information in a 3D representation. A patron could pull a virtual book off a virtual shelf of a library and begin to read, for example. The tour of Wright Patterson Air Force Base will be held in mid-June; we will keep you posted as the details become finalized.

Lisa Santucci, Electronic Information Services and Instruction Librarian at Miami University Libraries, will speak on implementing a library intranet using a team approach on July 24th. Lisa spoke at the Computers in Libraries A97 conference. A SOASIS member was able to attend her program, "Creating a Library Web System in a Team Environment," and recommended her very highly as a presenter for our Chapter.

Program ideas, evaluations, and recommendations are always welcome.

Elna Saxton
SOASIS Program Chair


SOASIS ON THE MOVE The most recent meeting of SOASIS, the Southern Ohio Chapter of the Association for Information Science, took place on Tuesday, March 25, 1997 at the University of Cincinnati Faculty Club, Cincinnati, OH.

Michael R. Leach, Head Librarian of the Physics Research Library at Harvard University was the guest speaker, the topic of his lecture Managing Web Servers: Technical, Fiscal and Personnel Issues. A timely topic because of the great interest of working with the Internet and the World Wide Web, the presentation drew librarians and information specialists from Cincinnati and other Ohio cities.

The audience learned that to devise a successful web resource requires a great deal of forethought and careful planning. Without it, costly mistakes and unmet goals are likely to result. Mr. Leach covered in detail what questions should be addressed when planning a web project, such as purpose, audience, administrative support and technology.

The audience was also introduced to the topical issues of network connections/lines, addressing and domain name servers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In discussing the selection of the best platform--the hardware and operating system--Mr. Leach suggested looking at seven issues: installation, performance, security, maintenance, support, price and extensibility.

The speaker stressed the need for setting up guides and rules to govern the ordered creation, dissemination and access for information regardless of format. As a good example to follow, he cited the policies formulated by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (

Mr. Leach touched on the importance of naming but one person as overseer of the system, a "Web Master". This is the person who has overall responsibility for the initial creation of the project and its eventual management and promotion.

Mr. Leach underscored his presentation with overhead projections. A detailed and well thought out guidebook on designing and managing a web server site was handed out to those in attendance to take home for further perusal. Throughout the presentation, the speaker invited comments and questions which he answered unhurriedly and without losing his train of thought.

His many insider's tips, especially regarding setting up a Web server without spending a single cent on software, made the presentation valuable from a more practical point of view as well.

Marianna Wells
March 31, 1997





PRESENT: Karen Marsh, Marianna Wells, Elna Saxton, Victoria Whipple, Barbara Davis, John Tebo

1. Minutes: Minutes of 1/13/97 Executive Board Meeting approved.

2. Treasurer's Report: treasurer's Report for 10/1/96-3/31/97 accepted.

3. Meeting:

Board discussed the issue of getting our chapter web page up. Karen Marsh will contact Gary Stottlemeyer or Lucy Wilson to see if they might be interested in helping on this. Karen will also contact Elaine Gilliam to she how far she got with this project and to forward her what has been completed so far. The ASIS server could host the page. We also discussed the possibility of hiring someone to create our page. Board agreed to do this as a last resort.

Marianna Wells agreed to mail membership info to non-members at the March Workshop. Victoria will add their names to the Newsletter distribution list.

The Board gave a BIG thanks to Victoria Whipple for getting our E-Newsletter out. This is the first Newsletter we put out in several years. GREAT JOB VICTORIA! The next issue will come out in late April. If we get a homepage up Victoria said she would do in HTML to make it more attractive. Karen will submit the newsletter for Chapter Publication of the Year Award.

The Board also gave a BIG thanks to Yvonne Davis for Chairing the Workshop Committee this year. The program Managing Web Servers: The Technical, Fiscal and Personnel Issues by Michael Leach from the Physics Research Library at Harvard was a success. 19 people attended the all day workshop at the UC Faculty Club. GREAT JOB YVONNE! The Board also thanked her committee members, Marianna Wells, Elna Saxton, Barbara Davis, Karen Marsh, and John Tebo. Karen will submit this program for Chapter Event of the Year Award. The attendees also got the opportunity to sample her mother's delicious coffee cakes!

Elna Saxton previewed her upcoming program schedule. The next program will be March 1 on Custom Research Information Service at UC at the UC Enginnering Research Center. The featured speakers will be Dorothy Byers and Suellen Fortine from UC.

Other possible topics include Lisa Santucci from Miami University on Creating a Library Web Syatem in a Team Environment; John Featherman from Philadelphia on privacy and security issues; and the EMDS (Electronic Media Distribution System) at the University of Cincinnati; and someone from Lexis/Nexis on electronic journals.

The Board reviews the necessary submissions to Headquarters and the Awards Committee.

Karen will appoint a SOASIS Awards Committee to look at the possibility of Chapter awards this year.

Barbara Davis was appointed Chair of Nominations and Elections Committee this year. John Tebo and Elna Saxton will serve on the Committee.

Karen Marsh, the chapter Chair will be leaving on a 4 month job related visit to Russia. She discussed how she will cover her SOASIS duties while away.

Marianna Wells will be away in Germany from May 10-July 2. John Tebo will cover her Treasurer's duties during her absence.

Respectfully submitted,

John Tebo
SOASIS Secretary


Attitudinal and normative predictors of continuing library education: An application of the theory of reasoned action.
Gail E. Thornburg and Brandt W. Pryor

Executive Summary
This study applied the theory of reasoned action to investigate decisions to participate in continuing library education. SOASIS members were surveyed as to their attitudes regarding participation in dinner meetings of SOASIS, in an effort to understand what factors motivate members to participate in such local events. Data from 27 subjects were analyzed by multiple regression of intention on the predictor variables of attitude and subjective norm, and by correlation of direct measures of these predictors of intention with their theoretical determinants. The theory accounted for over 70% of the variance in intentions to participate. Differences between those with positive, and negative, intentions to participate were determined virtually by attitude, and attitude differences were determined by differences in strength of belief about outcomes of participating.

Intention in this study was essentially determined by attitude toward the behavior, not by subjective norm. High and low intention groups differed on the strengths of their beliefs, but not on their evaluations of the outcomes. Since the summed products of scores on belief and evaluation measures constitute an estimated measure of attitude, this leaves beliefs about outcomes [e.g., attending a meeting very likely/unlikely to mean X belief] as the effective determinant of attitude for this group.

High intenders believed more strongly than low intenders that attending would lead to: (a) learning about new technology, (b) learning about non-Boolean search methods, and (c) learning about telecommunications topics. Low intenders group did show a notably stronger belief in the outcome "Scheduling uncertainty due to unpredictable dates" with also a stronger belief in the "Schedule conflicts".

Responses were made by 24 of the 27 respondents to the demographics the question on organization memberships. Multiple organization memberships were the norm, e.g. 11 belonged to two organizations [incl. ASIS] 6 to three organizations, etc. This is interesting because it has been suspected that one reason SOASIS meetings have such a challenge drawing attendees is that so many consider ASIS their "second" organization.

Readers wanting further details should contact Gail Thornburg [, 614/718-9705].

Gail Thornburg
SOASIS Past Chair


                        TREASURER'S REPORT
                  OCTOBER 1, 1996 - MARCH 31, 1997

        Chapter Meetings ...................  $   960.00
        Chaper Rebate ......................  $   164.34
        Interest on Account ................  $    92.48

        TOTAL ..............................  $ 1,216.82

        Chapter Meetings ...................  $ 1,210.94
        Ballots.............................  $    24.96
        Publication Exp.and postage.........  $   148.49

        TOTAL ..............................  $ 1,384.39

        Beginning Balance ..................  $ 7,759.66
        Income .............  $1,216.82
        Expenses ...........  $1,384.39
                             <$  167.57>      $   167.57

        Ending Balance .....................  $ 7,592.09

Submitted 04/22/97
by Marianna Wells
SOASIS Treasurer


******SOASIS Board Members******

Barbara Davis, Nominations & Elections
Yvonne Davis, Workshop Committee Chair
Elaine Gillam, Membership     
Doug Kaylor, Chapter Representative
Karen Marsh, Chair            
Elna Saxton, Program Chair    
John Tebo, Secretary          
Gail Thornburg, Past Chair    
Marianna Wells, Treasurer     
Victoria Whipple, eNewsletter Editor

If you would like to know more about upcoming programs or
activities, please contact any of the board members listed above.