The Heberle Eyles Leadership Award




The Heberle Eyles Leadership Award was established in 1989 and is administered by the Chapterís Awards Committee.

1. Nature of the Award

    1.1 The award shall consist of a calligraphic certificate and a check for $100.

2. Purpose of the Award

    2.1 The purpose of the award is to recognize that Chapter member who has exhibited continuous outstanding leadership in chapter activities.

3. Eligibility

    3.1 SOASIST members who are not prior recipients of The Heberle Eyles Leadership Award.

    3.2 Because of his involvement in establishing this award, James M. Cretsos is not eligible to receive the award.

    3.3 Only one award can be given in a single year.

 4. Administration

    4.1 The Heberle Eyles Leadership Award is sponsored by the Chapter and is administered by the Chapterís Awards Committee.

5. Nominations

    5.1 The Awards Committee shall solicit and receive nominations from any member of the Chapter.

    5.2 Nominations shall be due February 15.

    5.3 Each nomination shall be accompanied by documentation which includes at least the following:

        (a) A letter of nomination with supporting reasons for the choice of the candidate (specific information about the quality and length of service of the nominee).

        (b) A comprehensive list of contributions of the member to ASIS, SOASIST, or the profession.

    (c) Supporting letters of nomination that provide additional detail on the nomineeís contributions.

6. Jury Committee

    6.1 The Chapter Awards Committee, comprising the Chair and two members, is also the Jury Committee.

    6.2 The Chair of the Awards Committee shall be appointed by the Chapter Chair and shall serve as the Chair of the Jury Committee.

    6.3 The Chair of the Awards Committee, in consultation with the Chapter Chair, shall appoint two Chapter members to the Awards and Jury committees.

    6.4 Jury members can be reappointed to serve a second successive term on the Awards and Jury committees.

7. Selection of the Awards

    7.1 Each member of the Jury shall review and evaluate the complete file of all the nominees received.

    7.2 Each juror shall vote yes or no on whether any nominee shall be chosen and shall rank the nominees in order, with the first choice ranked 1, the second 2, etc.

    7.3 The Jury Chair shall total all the rankings and declare the recipient to be that nominee with the lowest total.

    7.4 In the event that no nominee can be declared the awardee, the Jury Chair shall announce the result to the jury and repeat the polling process, deleting from the list the nominee who shall have received the highest total score in the preceding poll. The polling process shall be repeated until the awardee is determined.

    7.5 In the absence of qualified nominations, the Jury may review submissions from previous years, solicit additional nominations by extending the deadline, or submit its own nominations.

    7.6 The Jury Chair shall notify the Chapter Chair that a winner has been declared by 60 days prior to the Chapter annual business meeting.

    7.7 The Jury Chair shall provide the Chapter Chair with a 50-100 word abstract, stating why the award was given. The abstract will be used to publicize the award. Material for the abstract can be taken from the voting rationales provided by the members of the jury.

    7.8 The Jury Chair shall submit the nomination packets and results of jury deliberations to the incoming Chair of the Jury.

8. Presentation of the Award

    8.1 Upon receipt of the Juryís decision, the Chapter Chair shall inform and congratulate the awardee and make arrangements for the presentation of the award.

    8.2 The Chair of the Awards Committee shall prepare the certificate and check and ensure they are available at the time of the presentation of the award.

    8.3 The Award shall be announced and presented to the winner by the Chapter Chair, with appropriate ceremony, at the dinner of the annual meeting of the Chapter.

9. Publicity

    9.1 The award shall be publicized through soasist ...on the move. In addition, press releases on chapter stationary will be sent to the winnerís employer and other people/agencies suggested by the winner. Publicity is the responsibility of the Chapter Communications Officer.

10. Deadlines

    10.1 Appointment to the Awards Committee shall be made by December 1.

    10.2 Nominations must be submitted to the Chair of the Awards Committee by March 31.

    10.3 Selection shall be made and the Chapter Chair shall be notified by 60 days prior to the Chapter annual business meeting.