ASIS&T membership is open to any interested party. Current dues are $140 annually.  There is a discounted rate for full time students.  Employees of Corporate Patrons receive a $5.00 discount on regular membership.

Becoming a member of ASIS&T will provide you with many opportunities in the areas of career services, professional networking, conventions, internships, continuing education and special interest groups. Members also receive several ASIS&T publications with their membership: the Journal of the Society for Information Science (JASIS&T), the ASIS&T Bulletin, and the ASIS&T Jobline. All members have a listing in and receive a copy of the Handbook & Directory. Regular members may also vote and hold office in ASIS&T.

By joining ASIS&T, you will also receive membership in the local ASIS&T chapter (NJ-ASIS&T).  If you do not specify on your membership application which local chapter that you want to join, you will be automatically assigned to the one that is nearest you.  If you would like to change local chapter membership, then you should contact the NJ-ASIS&T membership chair.

Applications for membership are available online at the ASIS&T Membership Page.



10. Networking
Opportunities to network with other information professionals – share best practices, explore job possibilities and more…

9. ASIS&T Journal
Journal of ASIST, Bulletin and Jobline are included as a bonus in your membership fee

8. Leadership and Organizational Skills
Sharpen leadership and organizational skills by serving on committees or becoming officers in the local chapter or national

7. Access to International Scholars & Researchers (Annual Meeting)
The annual meeting gives access to international scholars and researchers who speak on current research initiatives.

6. Special Interest Groups
SIG (Special Interest Group) affiliation is included in

5. NJ-ASIS&T Programs & Events
NJ-ASIS&T programs are top-notch!

4. Great Resume Addition
ASIS&T membership looks good on your resume

3. Excellent Return on Investment
You will get excellent return on investment in your future

2. We Want You!
The friendly members of NJ ASIS&T want you to join

1.  Easy to Join
It’s easy to join — you’re just a click away — Join Now