Distinguished Lecturers

The New Jersey Chapter of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (NJ-ASIS&T) is pleased to have honored the following lecturers with its annual Distinguished Lectureship Award:

Year       Name
2015       Dr. Michael Buckland
2014       Dr. Paul Kantor
2009       Dr. Nicholas J. Belkin
2007       Dr. Tefko Saracevic
2006       Dr. Elisabeth Davenport
2005       Susan Dumais
2004       Dr. Eugene Garfield
2003       Dr. Christine L. Borgman
2002       Dr. Gary Marchionini
2001       Dr. Carol Tenopir
2000       Not awarded
1999       Not awarded
1998       Dr. Michael Lesk
1997       Dr. Peter Willett
1996       Dr. Ben Schneiderman
1995       Dr. Raya Fidel
1994       Dr. Peter Ingwersen
1993       Dr. W. David Penniman
1992       Dr. W. Bruce Croft
1991       Dr. Marcia J. Bates
1990       Karen Spärck Jones
1989       Stephen E. Arnold
1988       Thomas J. Allen
1987       Dr. Karen Spark Jones
1986       Dr. Charles T. Meadow
1985       Dr. Gerald Salton

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