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ASIS-Minnesota Chapter is sponsoring a scholarship to the ASIS annual meeting in Chicago, November 13-16, 2000. Conference registration will be paid by the Chapter, plus the recipient will receive up to $700 to cover transportation, lodging and other conference-related expenses.

The recipient will be asked to write and article for the local ASIS/SLA newsletter on some aspect of the Annual Meeting.

The application deadline is Monday, September 18, 2000, and all applicants will be notified by Wednesday, September 27.

Letters of application should include the following information:

Send applications to ASIS-Minnesota Chapter Chair Mila Rush (phone: 612-625-0793), via any of the following routes:

U.S. Mail: Fax:E-mail:
University of Minnesota Law Library
228 19th Ave. So,
Minneapolis MN 55455
612-625-3478 m-rush@tc.umn.edu

Selection Criteria:
The recipient must be a current member of the Minnesota Chapter. Since the purpose of the scholarship is to promote active membership in the chapter, the main criteria for judging candidates will be a short statement on how receiving the scholarship will help you to be more involved in ASIS on a local or national level. Other factors which will receive less weight are whether the candidate is currently a student, an ASIS member for 5 years or less, or has never attended an ASIS annual meeting. Whether your employer is willing to fund a trip will also be noted.

For More Information:
Please direct questions to one of the Scholarship Committee members:

Lara Friedman-Shedlov, lara.friedman-shedlov@mnhs.org
Julie Kelly, jkelly@tc.umn.edu

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