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Annual Administrative Calendar

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The following calendar lists MNASIS administrative and planning activities that take place every year and indicates who is reponsible for them.

COM = Chapter Officers Manual, rev. 1996/1997


What [Source]


ASAP after chapter elections

New Chapter Officers Roster sent to Headquarters and to the Chapter Assembly Director.  [COM] Include committee chairs. [Mila]
Send copies to Webmaster and Membership Chair.  [Mila]

Incoming Chair

Every month

Headquarters sends membership records for new, renewed and transferred members, and address changes for updating chapter records.  [COM]

Every month

Joint educational programs with MN SLA, with a Spring CE program.  Dates determined by respective program chairs.  [current practice]

Program Chair

When change in officers

New chapter Officers Roster sent to HQ and Chapter Assembly Director.  [COM]

Send copies to Webmaster & Membership Chair. [Mila]

Incumbent Chair

As needed

Label and membership list requests.

If requesting from HQ, allow 10 working days for processing.  [COM]

If requesting labels locally, a full set can take a week, a partial list (only those who need paper mailing) require a few working days. [Janet]

Late October/ November

ASIS Annual Meeting.

New officers take office immediately after the Meeting. [COM]

November 30

First Chapter rebate from Headquarters, only if previous year's final Financial Reports and current Officers Roster have been received at Headquarters.  [COM]

Rebate received sometime in the Spring in the last few years. [Susan]

January __

Deadline for Winter issue of Newsletter.  [Rachel]

Newsletter Chair

January 31

1st Q financial report due at Headquarters.  [COM]
ASIS fiscal year is October 1 to September 30.  [COM p. 9]



Appoint members of Nominations & Elections Committee, so committee can start scouting for nominees.



Spring Continuing Education Program [Current practice]

Program Chair

April __

Deadline for Spring issue of Newsletter.  [Rachel]

Newsletter Chair

April 30

2d Q financial report due at Headquarters.  [COM]



Mid-year ASIS Meeting. 


Nominations and Elections Committee actively works on finding and contacting nominees.  [Mila]

Nom & Elect Committee

May 30

Second Chapter rebate from Headquarters.  [COM]


Chapter Annual Business Meeting



Prepare election ballot and send to members.  [Mila]

Nom & Elect Committee

July __

Deadline for Summer issue of Newsletter.  [Rachel]

Newsletter Chair

July 30

3rd Q financial report due at Headquarters.  [COM]



Treasurer receives financial reporting packet for coming year.  [COM]

September 30

Close of ASIS fiscal and administrative years.  [COM]

October __

Deadline for Fall issue of Newsletter.  [Rachel]
Also submit Chapter roster for inclusion in Newsletter.  [Mila]

Newsletter Chair


Treasurer completes bank confirmation forms and returns them to ASIS auditors.  [COM]


October 30

Annual Financial Report (4th Q) for the year just ended must be filed with the Executive Director.  [COM]


October 30

Annual Activities report, with plans for coming year, must be filed with Headquarters and Chapter Assembly Director.  [COM]

Outgoing Chair: report Incoming Chair: plans

Prepared by Mila Rush, December 1999; rev. August 2000. Modified and approved by the Chapter Business Meeting of August 23, 2000.

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