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ASIS Minnesota Chapter 1999/2000 Annual Report: Summary

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ASIS MN Chapter had a very successful year. We were able to respond affirmatively to the goals set out at the beginning of our term, which are: 1) to encourage "more members to participate in the activities of the Chapter as planners, decision-makers, organizers, implementers, or members of the audience; and 2) to improve the flow of information to and from our members. Altogether there was more reporting on what we want to do and the status of the different projects at some points in time. There were more solicitations for volunteers, nominations, suggestions, ideas, and other feedback. They are also of course mentioned as frequently as opportunities arise in other communications.

The number and composition of the Chapter membership varied through the year. However, as of April 2000, we had 71 members, of which 54 are regular members, 1 student upgrade, 11 students, and 5 institutional.

The ASIS MN Chapter accomplished several important projects and took on new initiatives this year - we are proud that we are able to do these and continue with those services that are already in place.

The listserv, the newsletter, the program meetings and continuing education sessions are services that continued from the previous years. New this year are the Web site, Public Relations, Scholarships, Job Placement.

We had two formal business meetings, and extensive consultations within the Executive Committee and other involved members by informal meetings, e-mail and by telephone.

In cooperation with the Minnesota Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, we had eight program meetings and a continuing education event. Ample time was devoted to socializing and networking by scheduling either a breakfast or a lunch or a dinner to precede these programs. The monthly programs were:

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