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What is MNASIST?

MNASIST is the Minnesota Chapter of ASIST, the Association for Information Science & Technology. ASIST is an interdisciplinary organization with about 4,000 members across the country and around the world from such fields as computer science, librarianship, management, engineering, linguistics, and education.

The Minnesota Chapter currently has about 80 members. MNASIST works closely with the Minnesota Chapter of the Special Libraries Association. The two chapters co-sponsor monthly programs and jointly publish a quarterly newsletter, the SLA/ASIST Bulletin. MNASIST has also sponsored a scholarship to the ASIST Annual Meeting.

MNASIST maintains an electronic mailing list (an e-mail-based mailing list/bulletin board) as a tool for disseminating information about the chapter and facilitating communication among chapter members. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to majordomo@asis.org with a blank subject line. In the body of the message, type, "subscribe mnasis-l" (all lowercase, and don't include your name or any signature file). Once subscribed you may post a message to the list by sending it to mnasis-l@asis.org.

More Information About MNASIST Activities:

Officers and Chapter Committee Chairs

Chair: Denise Cumming
Free-Lance Research and Analysis
Minneapolis, MN 55401
E-mail: denisecumming@earthlink.net
Phone: 612-750-7963
Secretary: Ann Treacy
Treacy Information Services
1841 Fairmount Ave
St Paul MN 55105
Minneapolis, MN 55455
E-mail: atreacy@TreacyInfo.com
Phone: 651-670-3087
Treasurer and 
Listserv Manager:
Janet M. Arth
University of Minnesota
453 Wilson Library
309 19th Ave So
Minneapolis, MN 55455
E-mail: arth@umn.edu
Phone: 612-624-9860


Article I. NAME

The name of this organization is the Minnesota Chapter of the Association for Information Science (ASIS)


The purpose of the Chapter is to provide an organization through which members of ASIS located within the Chapter area may participate in and carry forward the programs and purposes of ASIS. The Chapter shall promote the interests of the Society and its programs, and shall make every reasonable effort to involve students of information science and related disciplines who are located within its boundaries.


Section 1 : All Individual and Institutional Members in good standing of ASIS whose mailing addresses are within the Chapter's geographic boundaries as established by the ASIS Board of Directors shall automatically be members of the Chapter. No individual or organization may become a member of a Chapter except by becoming a member of ASIS. Upon request, a member of ASIS may become an Affiliate Member of the Chapter even though the mailing address is not within its boundaries.

Section 2: Student Members in good standing of ASIS who are located within the boundaries of the Chapter shall be student members of the Chapter.

Section 3: All classes of members are entitled to receive Chapter publications. Official notices of Chapter meetings and programs shall be distributed to all members prior to the event.

Section 4: Individual Members, affiliate members, student members, and one certified representative of each Institutional Member may vote on any questions submitted to the members of the Chapter at a meeting, or by formal ballot, and may serve as officers of the Chapter.

Section 5: Student Members and Affiliate Members shall have the same privileges and responsibilities as Individual Members.

Section 6: A Chapter Member whose membership in ASIS has been terminated for any cause shall no longer be a Chapter Member.


Section 1: The officers of the Chapter shall include, inter alia, a presiding officer to be known as the Chapter Chair, a Chair-elect, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Chapter Representative, an Alternate Representative, the past Chair and such other officers as the Chapter may determine. Chapter officers shall serve for an administrative year except that the Chapter Representative and Alternate Representative to the ASIS Chapter Assembly shall serve for two ASIS administrative years. The Chapter officers shall constitute the Executive Committee. Nothing in these Bylaws shall prevent any Chapter member from being elected or appointed to more than one Chapter office, except that the Chapter Representative and Alternate Representative must be different individuals. Terms of office shall coincide with the Chapter administrative year which shall correspond with the ASIS administrative year.

Section 2: The Chapter Chair shall see that an Annual Financial Report of the Chapter is filed with the Executive Director of ASIS within 30 days after the close of the ASIS fiscal year.

Section 3: The Chapter Chair shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee (v. Article V) and the Chapter. The Chair shall appoint the chair and members of all committees, subject to the provisions of these Bylaws, and subject also to the consent of the Executive Committee.

Section 4: The Chair-elect shall actively assist the Chair. The Chair-elect shall preside at Executive Committee or Chapter meetings in the absence of the Chair. The Chair-elect shall automatically succeed to the office of Chair upon completion of the term as Chair-elect, or upon the death or resignation of the Chair.

Section 5: The Secretary and Treasurer shall carry out the customary functions of these offices and shall execute the decisions and policies of the Executive Committee.

Section 6: The officers of the Chapter must be members of ASIS. They shall be elected by a plurality vote of the Individual Members and representatives of the Institutional Members voting by means of a formal ballot. The Report and recommendations of the Nominating Committee shall be distributed to all voting members of the Chapter prior to the annual Chapter business meeting, as provided in Article V. The Chapter shall provide its membership with the opportunity to make additional nominations prior to distributing the final ballots.

Section 7: In the event of the death or resignation of a Chapter officer other than the Chair, the Executive Committee may appoint a member to serve until the end of the administrative year. An appointee filling a vacancy in the position of Chair-elect shall not accede to the chair position as provided in Section 4; instead a new Chair shall be elected at the next regular election.


The Executive Committee shall provide for an Annual Business Meeting. Written notice of the Annual Business Meeting shall be distributed to all members of the Chapter, not less than 30 days before the date of the meeting. Special business meetings of the Chapter may be held at such times and places as the Executive Committee may determine upon 15 days prior notice to the members.


Section 1: All Chapter dues and assessments shall be set by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting at an annual business meeting or two-thirds of the members voting by means of a formal ballot. If accepted by a vote of the membership, Chapter dues will be assessed against all ASIS members of the Chapter. Nonpayment of such dues shall not deny any member the privileges of Chapter membership, except that the Chapter may limit the privilege of voting, or holding office in the Chapter. Chapter assessments shall not be levied on Institutional members or their representatives.

Section 2: The Chapter may collect monies from persons and institutions who are not members of the Society for the purpose of placing them on a distribution list for meeting notices and other mailings, but such persons and institutions shall have no vote in Society, Chapter or Group meetings or in formal balloting.


Section 1: The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall consist of the Chapter officers (Article IV, section 1), and the chairs of such committees as may be appointed by the Chapter Chair. The Executive Committee shall conduct and manage the affairs of the Chapter, subject to these Bylaws, and shall possess all powers necessary or incidental to that purpose, including the right to appropriate and expend Chapter funds.

Section 2: The standing committees of the Chapter shall include a Chapter Nominating Committee and such additional standing committees as the Executive Committee or the membership may determine.

Section 3: The Nominating Committee shall consist of a Chair and two Individual Members of the Chapter, designated by the Chapter Chair. This committee shall present a list of nominees to the members of the Chapter, as provided in Article IV, Section 6. The Nominating Committee shall present more than one candidate for any one office if possible.


In the event of dissolution of the Chapter, the assets of the Chapter shall, after satisfaction of all just liabilities and obligations thereof, be paid into the general treasury of ASIS.

Article IX. OTHER

For matters not covered under these Bylaws, the ASIS Bylaws will be followed.


These Bylaws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the Chapter voting on the proposed amendment. Such amendment may be proposed by petition of a minimum of ten percent of the Chapter members, filed with the Chapter Chair, by proposal of the Executive Committee of the Chapter or by proposal of the ASIS Board of Directors. Such amendment shall be voted upon by formal ballot within 60 days after receipt by the Chapter Chair. The Chapter Secretary (or Secretary-Treasurer) shall prepare and distribute a copy of the proposed amendment together with a ballot to each voting member of the Chapter setting forth a date not less than 20 nor more than 30 days from the date of the distribution of the ballot, by which date all valid bal1ots which are returned shall be counted. No amendment to these Bylaws shall take effect unless and until it has been certified by the ASIS Board of Directors as being in harmony with the Charter, Constitution and Bylaws of ASIS. If so certified, the amendment shall be effective as of the date of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Chapter Executive Committee.

Approved by the Chapter Assembly Director and the Society Parliamentarian June 8, 2000; approved by the membership of the Minnesota Chapter, July 12, 2000

(This replaces the original document of March 27, 1968;
revised October 9, 1973 and approved April 1974)

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