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As the old song goes, "Nobody walks in LA." It's not completely true; you're free to walk, the question is whether walking will get you anywhere. Not to worry: it is possible to get around without a car by using public transportation. Or you can do what Angelenos do, get a car and drive.

FYI: The street address for the Pasadena Hilton is 150 South Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101.

Public Transportation

  • Bus & Rail Trip Planner
    This cool site (from SCAG) allows you to input starting points and destinations, and generate detailed reports on the bus or rail routes. This is the best place to start if you want to use public transportation to get around LA.
    LADOT runs the DASH line, a nifty little bus line that tools around downtown LA. It's only 50 cents a ride, and goes to all the downtown sites like LAPL, Angels Flight, Union Station, Olvera Street and lots of other sites.
  • MTA
    MTA runs the major bus and rail lines in LA. FYI: none of the Metro Rail lines go to Pasadena.

Maps & Traffic Information

Ready to hit the road?
  • California Traffic Conditions
    This Caltrans site will tell you about traffic conditions on all the major highways in California. You'll need to know the freeway number to use it effectively. Updated regularly.
  • Los Angeles Real Time Traffic
    Current traffic information for all major highways in the LA area, with average freeway speeds by on/offramp or intersection. Sadly this site will do you little good if you're already stuck in a traffic jam (see road rage link below).
  • MapBlast
    Get driving directions with step-by-step maps, or just generate area maps. There's a registration option (free) which is optional.
  • MapQuest
    Another maps or driving directions site. Also offers hotel and dining info.
  • Road Rage Info
    You've read about it, and seen it on the news, now it's your chance to experience it firsthand! Just kidding (sort of). A tip to visitors: if you're driving on the freeway and you look in the rear view mirror to find the driver behind you madly waving, it's a safe bet they aren't saying hello.
  • Thomas Bros. Maps
    Look in the glove compartment of almost any car in LA (well, okay--to be realistic look in the back seat unless the car has an exceptionally large glove compartment), and you'll find a Thomas Guide. Here is their online version. Note: no driving directions.
  • Travelocity
    Make plane, car or hotel reservations, generate maps, find out about the weather--you name it, you can do it here.
  • Yahoo! Maps
    Driving directions and/or maps. Pop over to Yahoo's Travel section to make reservations and the like.