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1998 LACASIS Events


The third annual resume-writing workshop was held February 20 at UCLA. Library professionals met with LIS students and provided guidance and tips in the preparation of effective resumes


The meeting, Janus: Making Complex Art-Historical Data and Images Available Over the Web, was held March 30 at the Getty Center. Stephen Toney, President of Systems Planning, Inc., and prominent ASIS member presented his work on the Getty Information Institute's Janus Project, a Web-based fusion of bibliographic data and images.


The LACASIS Business Meeting and Presentation Program was held on June 10 at the Olympic Collection. Joyce Adams, Web Site Operations Manager for Experian ( presented tips and tools used in the design and maintainance of Web sites. Topics discussed ranged from HTML to Java; including design considerations for planning Web sites.


LACASIS' annual fall workshop was held on September 18 at the Industry Hills Sheraton Resort & Conference Center. The theme was Who’s in the Driver’s Seat—You or Technology? Speakers included Eduard Hovy (Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California), Nancy O'Neill (Principal Librarian, Reference Services, Santa Monica Public Library, Santa Monica, CA), Ken Pflueger (Associate Provost for Information Services at California Lutheran University), Li Hunt (Information Services Division Faculty, University of Southern California), Jeffrey D. Smith, Craig Knoblock, Jody Simon, Karl Geiger, Debbie Hansen and Jacqueline Lesch. Topics addressed included information literacy, information management policies, and copyright issues.


LACASIS hosted its annual awards dinner on November 10. The guest of honor was 1998 recipient of the Contributions to Information Science Award Seymour Lubetzky. The Margaret McKinley Scholarship Award was presented to 1998 winner Holly Ying. The dinner was held at the UCLA Faculty Center.


LACASIS, with the Special Library Association Southern California Chapter, hosted their 1998 Annual Hoiday Meeting on December 15 at the Cal Tech Athenaeum. The guest speaker was writer and performer Sandra Tsing Loh.