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1997 LACASIS Events


The LACASIS February Hands-On Workshop was titled, "Evaluating Web Search Engines." Held at the University of Southern California's Leavey Library participants discussed evaluation criteria and applied them to some of the more popular search engines on the Web. The workshops provided both hands-on and collaborative learning experiences for all participants.


The LACASIS Chapter meeting on March 12 was held in an exciting location: the new Getty Center. The topic of the meeting was The Getty Vocabularies: Structured Words For A Disordered World. Murtha Baca, Senior Editor, and Vivian Hay, Systems Project Manager, discussed traditional and innovative applications of the structured vocabularies developed by the Getty Information Institute. And participants received a sneak peek at the grounds of the new museum.


Librarian, Cybrarian, Internaut, or Knowledge Navigator: Career Skills for Information Professionals Beyond the Nineties was the topic of the LACASIS April Program. Held on April 24, the program took a look at the impact of technologies on daily work patterns and career prospects. Dr. Rita Scherrei, Associate University Librarian for Personnel and Administrative Services, UCLA, Steve Coffman, Director, FYI (Fee-based Services), Los Angeles County Public Library, and Becky Jensen Gifford, formerly with Savage Information Services discussed the trends and patterns they observed in their positions.


The LACASIS Business Meeting and Presentation Program was held on Wednesday, June 18, 1997. The topic was Does Multimedia = Interactivity?. Robert Doeil, Programmer/System Analyst, and Karen Howell, Co-Coordinator, both with the Center for Scholarly Technology of the University Libraries at the University of Southern California, presented a comparison of JAVA, Macromedia Director, and VRML, and discussed relative strength and weaknesses of each of them in the creation of multimedia applications.


LACASIS' annual fall workshop was held on September 19, 1997. The theme was Expedition 200: Outfitting for the Next Millenium. It was held at the Industry Hills Sheraton Resort & Conference Center in the City of Industry. The morning session included a panel of experts who highlighted the issues relating to the future of access to the Internet. Representatives from three distinct technology sectors (cable, satellite, and telephone) discussed the pros and cons of each of these access choices.

The afternoon session focused on how we retrieve information from the net. Representatives from both search engines and the newer recommended systems identified the unique problems of searching the web's uncontrolled environment. The workshop included a lively discussion of how information specialists could use this new technology to create new or expanded roles within their institutions.


LACASIS hosted its annual awards dinner on November 11, 1997. The guest of honor was 1997 recipient of the Contributions to Information Science Award Dr. Christine Borgman. Her talk that evening was entitled, "Access to information in the networked world: Some reflections from the research front." The dinner was held at the Olympic Collection in Pasadena.


LACASIS, with the Special Library Association Southern California Chapter, hosted their 1997 Annual Hoiday Meeting on Tuesday, December 16, 1997 at the Cal Tech Athenaeum. The guest speaker was JPL scientist Adrianna Ocampo Uria whoose topic was "How Did the Dinosaurs Die?"