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1996 LACASIS Events

1996 was a banner year for LACASIS. We sponsored six events, and our newsletter, OASIS, won the ASIS Publication of the Year award. This page offers a glimpse at the interesting variety of events we put together in the past year.

February 21, 1996

The Web and AI: Intelligent search agents
Brad Allen, Chief Technical Officer for Limbex Corp., will demonstrate how intelligent search agents and automated indexing are improving access to the World Wide Web. Limbex Corp. and Quarterdeck developed Webcompass, a search utility which queries multiple search sites and abstracts information retrieved as a background process. Webcompass is the winner of Byte Magazines Best of Show and Best Internet Product for Comdex 1995.

Wednesday, March 20, 1996

What, again?" Telecommunication Reform
Dr. A. Michael Noll, Professor at the USC Annenberg School of Communication, will discuss the Telecommunications Competition and Deregulation Act and how it will likely affect information professionals. This far-reaching legislation will touch almost every aspect of information gathering and dissemination. A must attend meeting for all those needing to keep astride the pending changes in the industry.

Tuesday, April 16, 1996

Traditional and New Emerging Roles for Information Professionals
Join us for our annual look at the state of the job market for information professionals. This year Pamela Cibbarelli and Linda Rudell-Betts will discuss their experiences with the traditional and emerging paradigms of information service. Pamela Cibbarelli will draw on her 30 years of experience as a consultant, instructor, columnist, and automation vendor to look at the converging roles of librarians as technologists. Linda Rudell-Betts' talk, "From Gatekeeper to Guide," will focus on the new roles unfolding for information professionals willing to reframe their self-perceptions in the age of information decentralization.

Wednesday, June 19, 1996

The Electronification of Academic Press
Dr. Ken Metzner of Academic Press will discuss the publisher's venture into electronic publishing. The International Digital Electronic Access Library, IDEAL, presents the full array of Academic Press journals on the World Wide Web. LACASIS will also hold its annual business meeting. Please join us at the Altadena Town and Country Club for another cutting edge program and an opportunity to participate in LACASIS affairs.

September 13, 1996

Award-winning LACASIS had another exciting, information-loaded, full-day annual workshop. The theme for the 1996 Fall Workshop was: Pictures Talk: Interactive Multimedia on the Web. Guest speakers included:
Dr. Gino Cheng:
Animations, Live Sound, Movies: The Changing Faces of the Web

Steve Ballantine, Senior Systems Engineer , Sun Microsystems
The Java Wave - Java's Profound Impact on the Future of Computing

Jonathan Lane, Vice-President and General Manager, 2-Lane Media
Adding Sizzle to the Internet with Shockwave

Jim O'Leary, Senior System Engineer, Apple Computers
Virtually Real

Karen Howell, Center for Scholarly Technology, University of Southern California
Audio and Video On Demand

Dr. Clifford Lynch, Director of Library Automation, University of California
Beyond Flash: Hard Challenges in Networked Multimedia

Wednesday, November 6, 1996

LACASIS Contributions To Information Science Award Dinner
Please join us as we present the 1996 LACASIS Contributions To Information Science Award to Barbara Quint. Editor-in-chief of Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals, Ms. Quint is internationally known in the online industry. She was the principal speaker for the evening.