Asian Pacific Chapter Promotes ASIS&T at iSchool Conference

Report by Emil Levine and Virginia Ortiz-Repiso, published in INSIDE ASIS&T, Vol 1/2

Under the coordination of the Asian Pacific Chapter, ASIS&T offered a presentation at the iSchool Conference in Wuhan, China on March 24th. Entitled, “Professional Organizations in Career Development” members of ASIS&T  presented to over 60 attendees. Representatives from committees, SIGs and Chapters discussed their role in the organization. Emil Levine, Chapter Advisor, Asian Pacific Chapter, introduced the speakers who were:

Virginia Ortiz-Repiso, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Chair European Chapter; Aylin Ilhan, PhD-Student (Information Science at the Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf) and research assistant at the Department of Information Science, Co-Chair European Student Chapter; Hong-Shui Liang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei Chapter; Xiao Hu, The University of Hong Kong, SIG International Information Issues; Yuelin Li, Nankai University, International Relations Committee, Levine, Asian Pacific Chapter. Continue reading Asian Pacific Chapter Promotes ASIS&T at iSchool Conference


Due to the current administrations attitude towards science, an international movement has begun to bring attention to the importance of scientific research and evidence-based policies. A March For Science is scheduled around the world on April 22, 2017 (earth day) to assure that the relationship between science and democracy does not continue to erode. Because Information Science impacts all areas of society, we believe this is an important movement for ASIS&T to support. We are calling on our members to support the message that science is important to a civilized world, and ask that you participate in whatever way you can. Continue reading CALL TO ACTION: MARCH FOR SCIENCE

Carol Tenopir visit at Carlos III University in Madrid

sharing things by Virginia Ortiz-Repiso, EUChap Chair

Library and Information Science Department within the framework of its Doctoral Program Library Science: Archives and Libraries in the Digital Environment,  and with the collaboration and sponsorship of the FullBright Spain Commission, had the pleasure of receiving Professor Carol Tenopir of the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) on March 2 and 3, 2017 in Madrid.

Professor Tenopir, as all of us well know, is a renowned researcher with more than 200 papers published in the most relevant journals in our area. Among other merits, honored with the Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award from the American Society for Information Science / Institute for Scientific Information (1993), the ALISE Award for Teaching Excellence (2000) as well as the American Society for Information Science & Technology, Research Award (2002) and the International Information Industry Lifetime Achievement Award (2004).

Professor Tenopir held informal meetings with students, assistants and members of the Department and two lectures:

  • Reading for Research: Scholarly Publications in the Work Life of Researchers (video, and slides)
  • Research Data Services in European Universities: Current Offerings and Plans for the Future (video, and slides).

Enjoy them!

Thanks, Carol!

Chapters’ Presentation at iSchool Conference in Wuhan

Note from Virginia Ortiz-Repiso, EUChap Chair

Dear colleagues,

ASIS&T Chapters and SIGs are collaborating on an ASIS&T presentation at the iSchool conference in Wuhan, China (March 22-25th). The Asian Pacific, European, European Student and Taipei Chapters, along with SIG III will all discuss their programs and how their activities closely support the iSchool concept. In addition we will discuss the value of ASIS&T membership and it’s close correlation to professional success. A raffle will be held at the presentation with prizes being five free ASIS&T membership, and refreshments will be provided by the Asian Pacific Chapter. If you’re attending the conference in Wuhan, make sure to attend this exciting collaborative presentation. The presentation will be held on Friday March 24th from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm at the Southern Lake, fifth floor.

All the best,


Eugene Garfield – In memoriam

On Sunday, February 26, 2017  the great Gene Garfield passed away. Eugene Garfield

We want to share with you some testimonies from Europe

To him be glory and thanks.

Eugene Garfield – In memoriam by Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić

Eugene GarfieldEugene Garfield – In memoriam (Published in Croatian Information and Documentation Society’s Newsletter)

On Sunday, February 26, 2017  the great Gene Garfield passed away.

Eugene Garfield was born on September 1925  in New York. He graduated from Columbia University in his native town in 1949. He received the title of MSc  from the same University. In 1954 he defended a PhD  at the University of Pennsylvania.

Afterwards he was awarded  several honorary doctorates  (the University Vrije in Brussels, in 1988, at the State University of New York at Albany in 1990, from the Thomas Jefferson University in 1991, the University of Rome Tor Vergata in1994, and the Karolinska University in Prague in 1995.) Gene Garfield started his career as a research scientist in the field of chemistry in 1949, after which he worked as a chemist at Columbia University, in 1950 and 1951, and became a member of a project team for machine indexing. From 1954 to1960 he was CEO of Eugene Garfield Associates in Philadelphia. In 1960 he founded the Institute for Scientific Information – ISI and was its president from 1960 to 1993, and since 1994 its honorary president. In 1986 he became owner of  the journal The Scientist. He was  associate professor of information science at the University of Pennsylvania in 1974, Member of Rockefeller University since 1978 and a member of many international scientific institutes. His scientific work is enormous and among others includes the books Citation Indexing Theory and Its Application in Science, Technology and Humanities (in a series of Information Science) and Transliterated Dictionary of the Russian Language. He wrote articles and editorials in Current Comments and Current Contents,  since 1956 in Commentary and The Scientist.

He is worldwide known for his innovative, and widely used information service Current Contents (since 1956). Well known and much quoted are his Essays of an Information Scientist, published in 15 volumes, from 1962 to 1993. He was member of many professional and scientific associations in the United States and abroad and won numerous high awards.

It is difficult, almost impossible to list all Garfield achievements. He will especially be remembered in Croatia, with his overwhelming contribution to the development of automatic indexing and scientific information. He visited Croatia in 2004, and was guest of honor at  International Conference LIDA (Libraries in the digital age). Although with health problems he kindly responded to our request and spent with participants LIDA three unforgettable days in Dubrovnik and the island of Mljet. He gave a  specifically prepared talk and, as he admitted, he was very nervous because it was the first time his youngest son, Alexander Merton Garfield, listened to him teach. Alex, along with his father, will be remembered by Osijek students as a simple, friendly and very approachable persons. I dare to believe that Gene Garfield not only remained in the memories of many students who have then seen and heard him, but that he encouraged their further study and activities in Information Science.

Personally, I feel that we have lost a great scientist and a friend who has always found time to talk to colleagues from our region and generously helped whenever we needed it.

To him be glory and thanks.

Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić

Bukovac Sungerski, Croatia, February 27, 2017.

Information Today Report – The ASIS&T AM Goes to Europe

info today jan17 EUChap member Emil Levine reports on the ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Copenhagen last autumn and summarizes current LIS research as well as European Influence on Information Science.

Levine, E. (2017). The ASIS&T Annual Meeting Goes to Europe. Information Today, 31(1).–The-ASIST-Annual-Meeting-Goes-to-Europe.shtml  

Research in virtual and augmented reality, human-computer interaction, human motion tracking, and computer graphics and vision, with a focus on healthcare applications, were the topics of Greg Welch’s opening plenary speech, “Bridging the Telepresence Valley,” at the annual meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct. 14–18, 2016. This was the first time an annual ASIS&T meeting was held outside of the U.S. or Canada.

READ article online

info today jan17 IIinfo today jan17 III

Results from EUChap Panel at AM 2016

For the panel “Tomato tomahto: European perspectives on information science” at the AM2016 organized by our chapter member Julian Isabella gathered and condensed information on how EUChap members  perceive the concept ‘information science’ from their particular point of view and specific background. The descriptions and definitions were categorized and major as well as outstanding viewpoints have been presented during the panel. With the help of 12 members Isabella could build a map of concepts related to ‘information science’ that also provided a ‘visual’ starting point for discussion among panelists and the audience.

Panel slides.

Storify about AM in Copenhagen

If you want to know what the Library and Informaiton Science community did in Copenhagen this October, listen to our board member Agnes Mainka. She participated in an ASIS&T competition and created a digitale story about her experiences and adventures in Copenhagen, from talks and meetings with colleagues to the first Barcamp of the European Student Chapter.

See Agnes’ story on Storify.

Congratulations to Agnes: She succeeded in the competition and received a prize for her storify.