Open data workshop on global definitions and regional understanding

Open data is growing in attention on a global scale. There exist different definitions of the term open data. According to The Open Definition (n.d.), “Open data and content can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose.” This definition refers to different types of data like data of cultural works and artefacts, scientific data and publications, financial data and governmental expenditure, statistics and census data, weather and climate data, as well as environmental data like data on pollution or the quality of water and air.

At the “Open Southeast Asia” in Bonn, the European Chapter has held an own workshop with the goal to bring together people with Western and with Asian backgrounds together and to share ideas and best practice examples about how to deal with open data.

The workshop was designed as hands-on. All participants have been invited to contribute to the discussions and findings. Within the workshop we have focused our discussion on the following two questions:

  • How is the access to open data provided in Southeast Asia and Germany?
  • What is the value added of open data in Southeast Asia and Germany?

The aim is to identify whether there are differences in the understanding of open data and its impact and further if we are able to learn from each other in an open discussion as in the workshop format.


In total 12 persons have participated. Seven are students, two are PhD candidates/ researcher and the others are activists. The participants have been split into two groups according to their interests in open data. One group that is more interested in the technical side and one group that is more interested in the impact of open data.

The results of this workshop will be submitted to the journal südostasien 3/2017.

In addition, we have presented the work of ASIS&T in Europe. Due to the high number of participating students, we focused as well on the introduction of the European Student Chapter. As open data is subject to diverse information and technology science research we are looking forward to establish a new Special Interest Group Open Data and to enable and share our research on this topic within the ASIS&T community.

If you like the idea of introducing a SIG Open Data, please contact Agnes agnes.mainka[at] She is going to coordinate further steps. This idea is work in progress and everybody who is interested is invited to join.

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