British Library and Google

June 20, 2011 0

More news on the e-book front: Google will allow a quarter of a million out-of copyright books from the vast collections of the BL freely available on the web. (“Freely,” of course, still meaning that we don’t pay except in search data, and the BL doesn’t pay, except in giving the texts to Google…)

Books after Amazon

June 2, 2011 0

It has been very good news for libraries that Amazon has agreed to allow checkouts of e-books on the Kindle at public libraries. At the same time, we should consider the overall practice of this company and how it could impact the book industry over the long term. The author here compares the possibly predatory business practices of Amazon vis-a-vis the print publishing industry to how Barnes & Noble helped squeeze out smaller independent booksellers. Read More

The Handheld Electronic Book in Historica Perspective

May 15, 2001 0

CO-ASIS&T Annual Meeting and Luncheon Speaker: Martin Jamison Head Information Services at the Education, Human Ecology, Psychology and Social work Library, The Ohio State University The handheld electronic book may represent the latest successful stage in the historical process of text-form evolution. A review of that process demonstrates how today’s e-book takes its place in the ancient pattern of text-form development. Aspen Inn 1200 Chambers Road Columbus, Ohio Pay at the door: $10 or $8 Read More