Computer Access to Special Collections

September 15, 1998 0

Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Smith, Curator of Rare Books & Manuscripts, The Ohio State University Dr. Smith discussed the cataloging decisions associated with The Charvat Collection of American Fiction leading to successful access to the material in this collection.

Database Design: Collecting Human Services Data

March 10, 1998 0

State of Ohio, Department of Human Resources Presented by Joni Cunningham, Office of Research, Deputy Director Patricia Badgero, Office of Research, Systems Analyst Michael Nabors, Bureau of Research and Evaluation, Mathematician Helen Anne Sweeney, Bureau of Research and Evaluation, Senior Economist Douglas Tracy, Bureau of Systems Design, Supervisor The Ohio Department of Human Services constructed a database from existing data files to be used in analyzing information for Welfare Reform. The database also serves as Read More

Making the Pieces Fit: Maintaining a Coherent Web Presence in a Complex Organization

September 24, 1997 0

Presented by Karen Diaz Web Librarian, The Ohio State University Libraries This presentation examined challenges the Ohio State University Libraries has faced on a variety of web site issues including: Delivering a variety of electronic resources (CD-ROM, web, telnet accessible / which are citation databases, journals and other full text resources) Building depth to access of local information Working relationships required to succeed Consideration of technical and non-technical solutions to outstanding problems