Introduction to Content Management Systems (CMS)

Saturday, April 18, 2009
9am - 1pm


There are roughly a gazillion open-source CMS products using a variety of means (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, blogging software, etc.) to manage documents, graphics, text, and other digital creations. They can also be used to manage web content, and hold the promise that all you need to do is create the content and leave the HTML markup and publishing to the CMS.

But just what exactly is a CMS? What does it look like? How does it work? Many CMS products are free or open-source--but does that mean they're cheap in terms of the time you spend setting them up?

This event is intended for beginners or those new to the CMS idea. It's especially for anyone who's been asked to use a CMS to revamp their organization's web site, but doesn't know where to start or where to go for more information.

There will be no hands-on activities at this event, but there will be plenty of opportunity to see a few choice CMS products in action and to ask lots of questions.

Event Details:
Saturday, April 18, 2009, 9am - 1pm
Manning Hall, UNC Chapel Hill campus

Students (with ID or student email address): $15
STC and ASIS&T members: $25
General: $35

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Jeff VanDrimmelen: "What is a CMS? Do I Need One?," WordPress
Julia Kulla-Mader: Drupal
Jonathan Pletzke: Joomla


9-9:30a.m.What Is A CMS? Do I Need One?
9:40-10:10a.m.Break-Out Groups (one presenter for each room, one CMS for each room)
10:20-10:50a.m.Break-Out Groups
11-11:30a.m.Break-Out Groups
11:30-12:00p.m.Lunch and chat
12:00-1p.m.Continue eating during informal Q&A with all three presenters

For further details, please see the workshop wiki, and the workshop flyer.

Carolinas Chapter of the Association for Information Science and Technology (cc:asis&t)
STC Carolinas Chapter
NC State Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication

Summary notes from the workshop.