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Pop Data Forum

Representations of data are everywhere and seem to be easily available. Data visualizations can inform people’ s understanding of the world and even affect their political engagement. We’ve brought together some panelists who work with the nuts and bolts of presenting both responsible and interesting data to the public to convene a discussion about data, people and how the two work together to broaden worldviews.

Our panelists include: Eric Buth, architect of TPM’s Polltracker and current member of the New York Times graphics team, and Ky Harlin, from Buzzfeed’s data team.

Join us for an afternoon of chatting about data and people.

When: Saturday, May 11th, starting at 2:00 PM

Where: Library Journal, 160 Varick St., 11th floor

RSVP: Join the Facebook Event or email us at asistmetro@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT! Building security at Library Journal requires the names of everyone who will be attending. Even if you're not sure about coming, please respond as yes or maybe so your name gets on the list. We don't want you to show up on the 11th and not be able to get in because your name was not on the list!





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