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Event Title

October 17, 2013 Shattered Boundaries: Whither the Cyber Future
April 16, 2013 Better Insight Better Decision: Help to Implement Best Practices Through Visual Storytelling
April 10, 2012 Trends in Information Sharing in Social Media
May 24, 2011 An Evening with National Public Radio (NPR)
An Evening with National Public Radio (NPR) - Webinar <Audio Recording>
January 20, 2011 Plan Our Future!
October 26, 2009 National Meeting Preview
April 28, 2009 Beats and Bytes: Music and Creativity in the Information Age
March 30, 2009 The Cloud, the ExaFlood, and the Internet of Things - Realizing the Full Potential of the Next Generation Internet
January 15, 2009 Symposium on Information Policy in the New Administration
November 12, 2008 From Data to Visualization: Emerging Tools for Research

September 22, 2008

National Meeting Preview Talks

March 3, 2008

Improving Patient Care through Health Informatics

September 24, 2007

Working Together, Working Differently: How millennials are changing the way other generations learn, interact, and do commerce

April 26, 2007

Working Information Networks: a Tribute to Henriette Avram

February 27, 2007

Ahead of the Curve: The Future of Internet Policy and What It Means for You

November 14, 2006

"Ready, Set, Go!  Quick but Complete Disaster Planning"

October 6, 2006

SIG III and PVC Annual International Paper Contest

September 27, 2006

"Federated Search of Today and Tomorrow...What's Current, What's Coming..."

March 9, 2005

Blogs and Blogging

November 5, 2004

Technical Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Libraries for Children

May 25, 2004

Web Site Accessibility: The "Nuts and Bolts" of Section 508 Compliance

February 10, 2004

Taxonomy and Metadata Strategies for Effective Content Management

December 8, 2003

Annual SLA/ASIST Holiday Party

November 19, 2003

Creating and Deploying Enterprise-wide Taxonomies

October 1, 2003

Annual Business Meeting:  The ASIS&T Web Site Redesign Project

May 15, 2003

SIG III Fundraiser - Check out the Pictures!

April 3, 2003

Dinner Honoring Eugene Garfield's Receipt of the Professor Kaula Gold Medal

February 6, 2003

The Architecture of Search Engines

September 23, 2002

Annual Business Meeting:  Information, Accessibility, and Terrorism's Impact on the Information Age

June 19, 2002

PDAs and Their Applications

April 18, 2002

Architecting Usable Information: Helping Users GAIN


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