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Web Site Accessibility:
The "Nuts and Bolts" of Section 508 Compliance

Thanks to all who helped with the very successful May 25th event on Section 508. A very hearty thank you to speaker Amy Berger, Section 508 Coordinator of the US Geological Survey, for a phenomenal presentation.

As Amy explained in an interview with Government Computer News, “Section 508 doesn’t mean don’t include graphics, it means label them,” Berger said.

Some web tools were recommended, such as:

www.section508.gov for an explanation of the law and tutorials on how to design compliant sites

www.access-board.gov/508.htm for the standards and FAQs of 508 compliance and accessibility

www.hisoftware.com for a download of a demo of ACCVerify, a program that will scan a site for accessibility (proper HTML codes, etc)

Check out some other 508 resources in the PVC Toolbox.

Thanks again to all who made this event exceptional!


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