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Potomac Valley Chapter presents:

"Taxonomy and Metadata Strategies for Effective Content Management"

WHEN:  Tuesday, February 10, 2004

TIME: 7:15 p.m.
SPEAKER:  Joseph Busch, 2001 ASIST President and Founder, Taxonomy Strategies

There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo like the word "taxonomy" that is being thrown around to describe how to manage so-called unstructured content like business documents, web site pages, and old fashioned technical reports and articles. On the one hand, we want to remember what we already know about how to create a useful core catalog record to describe a content object so it can be found again later when needed. On the other hand, there are some bad habits and obsolete ideas like inverted file indexes that we need to get beyond. This talk is about what we have seen in dozens of applied information management projects over the past few years, and how you can take advantage of what you already know to solve big problems like these in your own organizations.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the presentation on taxonomies in November, PVC is hosting a second program on the topic. This time we will focus on applied information you can consider for your real-world applications. 

Joseph Busch is the Founder and a Principal of Taxonomy Strategies, and is an authority in the field of information science, a Past President of the Association for Information Science and Technology (www.asis.org), and an appointee to the Board of Directors of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (dublincore.org). He is the author of many articles on indexing, classification research, and information retrieval systems.

PowerPoint Presentation Available Here

Additional .pdf on Web Search Best Practices Available Here



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