Dinner Honoring Dr. Eugene Garfield

Recipient of the Professor Kaula Gold Medal and Citation

Held Thursday, April 3rd, 2003

Hosted by the Potomac Valley Chapter of ASIS&T

Washington DC, Northern VA, Southern MD

The Potomac Valley Chapter of ASIS&T, in conjunction with the SIG on International Information Issues (SIG III) held a dinner at the White Tiger Restaurant on April 3rd to honor Dr. Gene Garfield's receipt of the Professor Kaula Gold Medal and Citation.

The Kaula Gold Medal and Citation is awarded every year to a distinguished professional who has rendered service for the cause of library and information science from any part of the world. The Board of Trustees is made up of members primarily from the country of India. They issued this award to Dr. Garfield for his extensive career in scientific communication and information science.

Medal Citation:

"Professor Kaula Endowment for Library and Information Science has been formed on 13th March 1975, the birthd day of the eminent library educator, bibliographer and documentalist, Prof. PN Kaula, with Guntur as its headquarters.

The Endowment has decided to award Gold Medal and Citation to a person who distinguishes himself as a Librarian, Documentalist or a Teacher of Library and Information Science. This award is being given every year from 1975 onwards by the International Awards Committee. Dr. Eugene Garfield, Chairman Emeritus, Institute for Scientific Information, has been selected for Millennium Year Award Prof Kaula Gold Medal and Citation for the year 2000, in recognition of his outstanding services for the cause of library and information sciences.

Dr. Garfield's career in scientific communication and information science began in 1951 when he joined the Welch Medical Indexing Project at Johns Hopkins University. The project was funded by the Army Medical Library, the predecessor of the National Library of Medicine. The goal of the project was to examine basic and applied problems in the biomedical literature. A key objective was to improve the currency of the Current List of Medical Literature, through machine methods of compilation. This led to the present Index Medicus.

One of Garfield's contributions involved the revision of the Subject Heading Authority List used for the Current List. More than 30,000 subject heading terms were then in use and available only on printed lists or index cards. The Welch Project transferred the data to punched cards for machine sorting. The lists they eventually produced became the first Subject Heading Authority List, the prototype of Medical Subject Headings, the authoritative list of indexing terms presently used by the Index Medicus. The Welch Project also laid the theoretical and practical foundations for other majjor information services of the National Library of Medicine - Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (MEDLAR) and MEDLINE.

Dr. Garfield continues to be active in scientific communication and information science. In 1986, he founded The Scientist, a bi-weekly newspaper for the research professional. It reports on news and developments relevant to the professional and practical interests of scientists, and provides a unique forum for the discussion of issues important both to the research community and society. The full text is also available, free of charge, world wide on the Internet. In addition, Dr. Garfield maintains a heavy schedule of invited speeches and presentation before high-level medical, scientific and information symposia and conferences. The topics inclue science education, peer review, research evaluation, future trends in medical information and documentation, the economica and social impact of basic research, the value of animal experimentation, creavity in science, and other subjects. He has published over 1,000 weekly essays in Current Contents over the past twenty-five years and he has published and edited commentaries by the authors of over 5,000 Citation Classics. He is well known for his wonderful publication Science Citation Index.

Considering these facts, the International Awards Committee of Prof. Kaula Endowment for Library and Information Science is pleased to award to Dr. Eugene Garfield Prof. Kaula Gold Medal and Citation in a fitting manner, in recognition of his unique services to the scientific world and humanity at large."

Gene Garfield reading his remarks.

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