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APRIL 18, 2002

"Architecting Usable Information: Helping Users GAIN"

The Catholic University of America Student Chapter and the Potomac Valley Chapter of the Association for Information Science & Technology will hold a Dinner Meeting, Presentation and Discussion "Architecting Usable Information: Helping Users GAIN" by Thom Haller, Founder of Info.Design

DATE: Thursday, April 18, 2002

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, April 15, 2002

6:30 Social
7:00 Full Buffet Dinner
8:00 Presentation and Discussion

MENU: A hearty buffet with a variety of dishes for all tastes, including vegetarian

PLACE: Catholic University of America
Life Cycle Institute Auditorium
Campus map:
Metro: Brookland-CUA (Red Line)
Parking available near the Life Cycle Institute and Marist Hall (see campus map).

DETAILS: http://studentorg.cua.edu/asis/

TOPIC: "Architecting Usable Information: Helping Users GAIN"

Websites are performance tools. As users, we enter the information space to find information and use it, and hopefully we'll appreciate the experience.

As developers, we seek to craft communication products with the user in mind. As business professionals, we seek to present our positions clearly and see some value in having done so. Each of us -- users, developers, and businesspeople rely on one thing to communicate our message: structure.

How can we structure information so it supports the user? In this presentation, participants will have an opportunity to explore ways the user interacts with the structure of web documents. Specifically, they need the information to be: structured graphically to support them; they need the information to enable them to act, they need to be able to see the interconnections in the information; and they need to be able to navigate the information space.

Thom's presentation style ensures "a good time will be had by all." You'll have the opportunity to learn, laugh, and explain to others how you can structure information so everyone gains.

PRESENTER: Thom Haller of Info.Design
Thom Haller, teacher, speaker, writer and user-advocate, founded Info.Design to apply the science of information architecture in the workplace. In his capacity as trainer and consultant, he helps organizations and Government agencies structure information so people can find it, use it, and appreciate the experience. Schooled in rhetoric, Thom worked for several years as a consultant in professional services firms. But because of his interest in synthesizing information and sharing it with others, Thom was drawn to teaching and making principles available to people who need to apply skills and articulate our rationale. Thom teaches courses in Business Writing, Technical Writing, Writing for the Web, Information Architecture, Information Design, Creative Nonfiction Writing, and other understanding-focused courses. He is an instructor with The University of Maryland 's Professional Writing Program, Georgetown University 's Center for Professional Development, and USDA Graduate School. He serves on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Professional Communications Consultants. His advocacy was profiled in Communications Transactions, a publication of the IEEE.



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DEADLINE: April 15, 2002 Visit the ASIS&T CUA website at: http://studentorg.cua.edu/asis/


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