Association for Information Science & Technology


Pacific Northwest Chapter Annual Meeting

Communication, knowledge and the Web: The evolving information landscape

May 6, 2006
University of Washington, Husky Union Building (HUB), Room 310
Seattle, Washington

Keynote Speaker: Stuart Weibel, Senior Research Scientist, OCLC

Conference Theme:

Recent years have seen great changes in scholarly communication, publishing and the dissemination of information. In the academic world, the open access movement and the emergence of institutional and discipline specific repositories of publications and data has raised a number of questions about how research is communicated and has called into question the existing publication model.

Similar changes have been seen outside of the academic sphere. The increased popularity of blogs and blogging has changed the way many users find information. A recent Pew Internet and American Life Project report tells us that 50% of teens have created their own online content. Increased use of wikipedia as a reference resource has brought about questions about the reliability and veracity of the information it contains. The maturation of resource tagging tools, social bookmarking applications, and folksonomies has has influenced how content is organized.

Is there a unifying theme underlying these disparate trends? Is this movement toward a more participatory web experience changing the way people interact with information? Is the idea of 'Web 2.0' a meaningless buzzword or is it evidence of something bigger? Are the steps that we information professionals should be taking to facilitate (or to mitigate the effects of) these changes?


Proposals for conference sessions are sought in a wide variety of areas include, but not limited to:

Proposal Deadline: April 7, 2006

Program Session Proposal Format:

Send a proposal for a 20 to 40 minute long conference session, including the session title, a brief abstract outlining session content and structure, relevant background information for speaker(s), neand complete contact information for the individual(s) submitting proposals. Submissions can be sent via web form at or via email to:

Poster Session Proposal Format:

Poster sessions should be used to present concepts, ideas or projects that are in-process. These topics can deviate from the general meeting theme. Poster sessions offer an informal method for the presenter and attendees to meet and discuss current research or projects. Poster session presenters will need to be available to discuss their research during a 40 minute window. To submit a poster session, please include an abstract and relevant background information for all speakers, including complete contact information for each speaker. Submissions can be sent via web form at or via email to:

Corey Harper, ASIS&T Pacific Northwest 2005-2006 Chapter Chair
122 Knight Library
1299 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403