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ISIC2014 Workshop on “Information Behavior on Social Media” (2nd Sep) — call for paper proposals

ISIC2014 Pre-conference Workshop on “Information Behaviour on Social Media” (1/2 day workshop)

2nd Sep 2014, 2:00-5:30pm
Call for paper proposals

Social media applications have encroached into all areas of our lives, and is having a major impact on how we live, work, play, learn, socialize and vote! Libraries and information services are using social media to promote their resources and services, and incorporating social media functions in their online catalogues and database systems.

Social media in its various manifestations present a golden opportunity and rich environment to study information behaviour, as much of the information (in text, image and video format) are recorded and stored in publicly accessible repositories or on personal devices.

*Fundamental questions that need to be answered include*
– How does information behaviour on social media differ from other online and offline information behaviour?
– Do social media applications promote particular kinds of information behaviour, and even engender new kinds of behaviour?
– How does social media information behaviour interact with or complement other online and offline behaviour?
– What research methods can be used to study social media information behaviour, and how should they be adapted to handle and exploit the characteristics of social media?

Information behaviour research has traditionally focused on:
– Models of information behaviour, including the information search process and interactive information retrieval
– Information seeking, searching, browsing and encountering
– Task-based user evaluation
– Concepts of information need, serendipity, relevance, etc.
– Information behaviour in particular contexts and of particular communities
– Everyday life information behaviour.
Do previous research findings on the above issues apply to social media use?

Questions that library and information professionals might ask:
– How has social media functions incorporated in library systems and online databases affected information seeking, searching and use?
– How has social media affected information literacy and information literacy instruction?

Social media encompass a wide range of applications including social networking, content sharing (e.g. YouTube), online journaling (e.g. blogging), social tagging, collaborative recommendation, discussion forum, collaborative authoring (e.g. Wikipedia), etc. Do these present opportunities for studying particular types of information behaviour in greater depth, and how they interact and complement each other?

The Workshop will seek to address the above questions through short paper presentations, a panel discussion and a social media site set up for the Workshop.

*Call for papers*

Short papers (4 to 8 pages) are solicited for the Workshop. They can be conceptual papers on some of the issues outlined above, research proposals, or reports of ongoing and completed studies.

Selected workshop papers will be published in a special issue of the LIBRES e-journal (

1-page paper proposals (about 500 words) should be submitted to:
 with the subject ?ISIC2014 Workshop? by 23 June 2014.

– Submission deadline for 1-page paper proposal (about 500 words): 23 June 2014
– Acceptance notification: 30 June 2014
– Deadline for camera-ready paper: 1 Aug 2014

*Workshop registration fee*
Early rate registration: ?50.

Dr Chris Khoo
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr Theresa Anderson
University of Technology, Sydney

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