Organizing a student workshop: my experience with SWiF 2014

In Germany, we have quite a few universities as well as universities of applied science were you can study information science. Generally, these institutions have their own curricula and the students do not necessarily know other institutions. Even if researchers and lecturers from different institutions may have met at conferences, workshops or on other occasions, the students usually have not. This changed when Katrin Weller, Isabella Peters and Dirk Lewandowski had the idea of organizing a student workshop for research in information science called SWiF. The first SWiF took place in 2010 in Düsseldorf. Since then, the workshop was repeated every year at different locations in Germany, giving students from different institutions in the German-speaking region the opportunity to meet fellow students and to present their own research results.

SWiF 2014 header.

My own experience with SWiF has also started in 2010. As a student at the Heinrich Heine university Düsseldorf, I took the opportunity to present results from a team project that we have conducted. Four years later, I was one of the local organizers of the workshop. We have invited students to come to our School of Library and Information Science at the Humboldt university in Berlin. Eleven students from Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Hamburg and Kiel presented their research topics. There was a large variety of topics that the presentations of the workshop participants have covered. From informational cities via altmetrics to knowledge organization: the presentations were as diverse as the research field of information science itself. The discussions after every presentation were very vivid. Established researchers supported the presenters by asking them helpful questions.

Participants of SWiF 2014.

What amazed me the most we the quality of the presented research and the way the students have presented it. Don’t get me wrong: I was not expecting bad presentations. But every student was so well prepared that it was a real pleasure to listen to them. Thank you again for this great experience. From the perspective of a student that has presented in the workshop as well as from the organizer’s perspective, I can totally recommend to participate in SWiF. And if you do not have such a workshop in your own country, you should definitely try to change that.

Abstracts and slides from SWiF 2014 can be found here:

Announcement: Movie meets Science Vol. II

Greetings from the new board!

Hi all,

since October 15, we have a new ESC board – and it is larger than ever! Some of the members may be familiar to you while others are not. Time for a presentation of the new board members!

Christine Meschede, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

Christine fills the newletter editor position in the chapter. Christine

“I’m Christine, a Bachelor student of Information Science and Language Technology at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf (Germany).
I am currently working as a research assistant at our department of Information Science. My research interests are mainly informational world cities and knowledge representation.
As the new newsletter editor I like to contribute to the ESC community and keep everyone informed about interesting events activities of other members.”

Elena Corradini, University of Zadar

Elena is the new ESC project manager.

“After a one-year experience as an assistant librarian in a research library, since 1997 I have been a public librarian. In 2004 I was awarded a MA/MSc in Information Studies from the University of Northumbria (Newcastle, UK) and the University of Parma (Italy). Elena Since then, I have been busy with research issues regarding youth’s information seeking and using, and now I am focusing particularly on the selection of web information sources. I feel that this is an issue also for adults, not only for youth, and often also for students of any level (PhD students included!). For this reason, my wish for 2015 is clearly to advance rapidly to the end of my student’s career, but also to help maintain a network of contacts to support mentoring, as it was envisaged by former ESC members.”

Sarah Hartmann, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

Sarah is as social media manager responsible for our Facebook activities. Sarah

“Hello everybody, I am Sarah, a Master Student at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf in Germany. My research interests are in social media and e-government and I give courses in information retrieval, information indexing and career planning as information scientist.
As the social media manager of the ESC I hope I can inform you fast as can about the latest news and I would like to meet more students from the library and information science field to exchange about our research.”

Ehsan Mohammadi, Wolverhampton University

Ehsan is the new Webinar coordinator.


Ehsan recently completed his Ph.D in information science at the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at the University of Wolverhampton. His current research focuses on validating alt(ernative) metrics for research evaluation. His studies have been published in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals and conferences of information science (see He also holds a Master’s degree in library and information science. Previously, Ehsan served more than five years as an information specialist in different roles including, educational manager, online information manager, reference librarian, and webmaster.
Personal webpage:

Last but not least: all former board members of 2013/14 are still active in the new board!

Evelyn Dröge, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, replaces Agnes as ESC chair. Agnes Mainka, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, is now ESC vice chair. Tamara Heck, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, remains secretary and treasurer. Tomislav Jakopec, J.J. Strossmayer University Osijek, remains webmaster. See the presentations of those four here.

We have lots of plans for 2014/15 and are looking forward for a great new period of the European Student Chapter!

Stay tuned!

Your ESC board 2014/15

New ESC board for 2014-2015

Dear members and peers,

the European Student Chapter has a new board. And it’s larger than ever!

For the term 2014-2015 eight ASIS&T members will represent the LIS students in Europe. We have four new engaged officers from Germany, Croatia and England.

Upcoming events will be webinars, the newsletter and local meetings. Annoucements will be made here at our webpage and in our Facebook group.

If you have any suggestions concerning the ESC work please contact us.


ESC board elections

The next elections (for the term Oct14-Sep15) will take place from September 22th–28th 2014.

Nominations for one of the board positions can be made until September 15th.

Self-nominations are possible. The main positions are: ESC chair, vice chair, secretary, newsletter editor. Additionally we are happy for any other suggested position and the person, who wants to engage. We are also searching for
country representatives.

The ESC works closely together with the European Chapter and tries to represent the students’ interests in ASIS&T. Additionally the aim is to bring
together the library and information science students in Europe, exchange research interests and foster collaboration.
If you want to have further information about the elections or nominate yourself or a colleague for one position please contact one of the ESC board members.

New ASIS&T Blog is online!

Our ASIS&T community has launched a new blog:

It’s all about our subject: information science.

Have a look and make some exciting contributions!

And for all, who don’t know about the other channels: ASIS&T and the members of our chapter can be found on Facebook (FB-ESC, FB-EC, FB-EC-Page), Twitter and LinkedIn.

So, it’s time to join the social summer networks.


Join the ESC Webinar

17th July, 2014 at 6pm UTC+2


  1. Movie meets Science: Look back, video presentation and discussion with the winners: Stefanie Vieten, Duwaraka Murugadas, and Janina Nikolic.
  1. Presentation of Library and Information Science at Humboldt University Berlin for prospective students – By Evelyn Dröge
  1. Conclusion and announcement of the new webinar series: “Place in Europe to write my PhD in Information Science” – By Agnes Mainka

Why should I don‘t miss this webinar?
You as LIS student will engage in a webinar with students and researchers around europe. In this webinar we will discuss research topics from students from Düsseldorf and get a presentation about the Humboldt University Berlin which may be a good place for you to study, too. Country representatives from Croatia, Italy and others will attend the webinar. Additionally, we will have time at the end of this webinar to discuss other topics and ideas with the audience.

How to join?
Please go to and enter the room as guest (just type in your name, you don’t need a password)

Which technology do I need?
You just need an internet connection and speakers. To discuss with the audience a headset would be beneficial, but you also may join discussions or our conversation via the chat function.

Previous webinar presentations are available at YouTube

Hit the road books!

The winners of the ESC Video Contest were announced few weeks ago…now the prizes will hit the road and be send to their new owners.

We have three great books which are sponsored by our colleagues and partners. Thank you again for supporting the ESC and provide such great prizes to our contest participants:

  • Wolfgang G. Stock sponsored Stock, W. G. & Stock, M. (2013). Handbook of Information Science, Berlin, Boston, MA: De Gruyter Saur. 901 pp.
  • Charles H. Davis and Debora Shaw sponsored Davis, C. D. & Shaw, D. (eds.). (2011). Introduction to Information Science and Technology. Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc. 272 pp.
  • Emerald, UK sponsored Gunilla Widén, G. & Holmberg, K. (eds.) (2012). Library and Information Science Volume 5: Social Information Research, Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Pub Lim.. 282 pp.

The books will now be leaving Düsseldorf and be send to Düsseldorf (via private express from one door to the next ;-) ), Sheffield and Copenhagen. We hope the contest participants can make use of the books (we proved the books’ content and assure they can!) and have fun with their new prizes.

The ESC will try to repeat the video contest next term and would be happy if more LIS students would participate. If you have any questions concerning the contest or if you have any suggestion for improvement please contact the ESC board.

So, bye bye, hit the road books, and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more…(as it almost happened on their looong way to Düsseldorf ;-) ).