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Indiana Chapter of the
Association for
Information Science & Technology


Article I. Name
The name of this organization shall be the Indiana Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (I-ASIS&T).

Article II. Purpose
The purpose of the Chapter is to provide an organization through which members of ASIS&T located within the Chapter area, and those outside the area who wish to join the chapter, may participate in and carry forward activities related to information science and technology. The Chapter shall promote the interests of ASIS&T and its programs, including every reasonable effort to involve students of information science who are located within its boundaries.

Article III. Charter
This Chapter exists and is chartered solely under the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association for Information Science and Technology. Dissolution of ASIS&T will require that the dissolution provisions of the Chapter By-Laws be carried out.

Article IV. Membership

Section l.
All Individual and Institutional Members of ASIS&T whose mailing addresses are within the Chapter's geographic boundaries as established by the ASIS&T Board of Directors shall automatically be members of the Chapter. No individual or organization may become a member of the Chapter except by becoming a member of ASIS&T. A member of ASIS&T may choose to become a member of the Chapter even though his/her mailing address is not within its boundaries.

Section 2.
Student Members of the Chapter shall be Student Members in good standing of ASIS&T who are located within the boundaries of the Chapter or who choose to join the Chapter.

Section 3.
All classes of members shall receive Chapter publications and official notices of Chapter meetings.

Section 4.
Individual Members and one representative of each Institutional Member may vote on any questions submitted to the members of the Chapter at a Chapter meeting, or by mail, US Postal Service or e-mail and may serve as officers of the Chapter.

Section 5.
Student Members shall have the same privileges as Individual Members. Student Members shall be encouraged to participate in the technical programs of the Chapter and may serve as members of all Chapter committees.

Section 6.
A Chapter Member whose membership in ASIS&T has been terminated for any cause shall no longer be a Chapter Member. Upon reinstatement to ASIS&T membership, however, such terminated member shall immediately regain the full privileges of membership in the Chapter. The ASIS&T Executive Director shall inform the Chapter Treasurer or other appropriate officer when any member is not in good standing in ASIS&T, or when said member has been reinstated.

Article V. Officers

Section 1.
The officers of the Chapter shall include a presiding officer to be known as the Chapter Chair, a Chair-elect, Program Chair, a Secretary-Treasurer, the Immediate Past Chair, and such other officers as the Chapter may determine. Chapter officers shall serve for one to two ASIS&T administrative year according to the specific definitions provided in the following sections of this article.

Section 2.
The Chapter Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and the business meetings of the Chapter and shall exercise general supervision over the affairs and activities of the Chapter. He/she shall appoint the Chairs and members of all committees, subject to the provisions of these By-Laws. He/she shall serve as the Alternate Chapter Representative to the Chapter Assembly.

Section 3.
The Chair-Elect will serve a one-year term. The Chair-Elect shall actively assist the Chair. He/she shall preside at Executive Committee or Chapter business meetings in the absence of the Chair. He/she shall automatically succeed to the Office of Chair upon completion of his/her term as Chair-Elect, or when the office of Chair becomes vacant.

Section 4.
The Program Chair shall serve a one-year term, with an option to return for a second year. He/she shall coordinate and plan all technical programs and meeting events.

Section 5.
The Secretary-Treasurer shall serve a two-year term. He/she shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee. The minutes shall be an accurate and official record of all business transacted. He/she shall be the custodian of all Chapter records unless a special officer shall be appointed for that purpose. The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive all funds of the Chapter, keep them in a bank, and disburse them in payment of expenses incurred and/or approved by the Executive Committee. He/she shall make periodic reports to the Executive Committee as required, and shall prepare the annual financial report for the Chapter Chair to be filed with the ASIS&T Executive Director within 30 days of the close of the ASIS&T Fiscal Year.

Section 6.
The Immediate Past Chair shall serve as the Chapter Representative to the Chapter Assembly.

Section 7.
The officers of the Chapter must be Chapter members in good standing. They shall be elected by a majority vote of the members voting by mail, US Postal Service or e-mail ballot. The report and recommendations of the Nominating Committee shall be distributed to all voting members of the Chapter.

Section 8.
In the event of a vacancy of a Chapter office other than the Chair, the Executive Committee shall appoint a member to serve until the next annual Chapter business meeting, except that an appointee filling the vacancy in the position of Chair-Elect shall not accede to the office of Chair as provided in Section 3, but a new Chair shall be elected at the next regular election.

Article VI. Meetings

Section 1.
The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Chapter. Replacements for vacancies occurring among the elected officers shall be named by the Executive Committee. Any such replacements shall serve only for the remainder of the term.

Section 2.
The Executive Committee shall provide for an annual business meeting which shall be the last Chapter meeting of each ASIS&T administrative year. Written notice of the annual business meeting shall be mailed, via US Postal Service or electronically, to all members of the Chapter, at least fifteen days before the date of the meeting. Special business meeting of the Chapter may be held at such times and places as the Executive Committee may determine, with at least fifteen days prior written notice to the members if possible.

Section 3.
Twenty percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4.
Robert's Rules of Order (latest edition) shall be the parliamentary authority for the conduct of meetings.

Article VII. Dues and Finances

Section 1.
All Chapter dues and assessments shall be set by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting at an annual business meeting or two-thirds of the votes returned from a mail, via US Postal Service or e-mail ballot. Chapter dues or assessments may be levied against any ASIS&T member who is an Individual Member of the Chapter, but non-payment of such dues shall not deny such member the privileges of Chapter membership, except that the Chapter may limit the privilege of voting or holding office in the Chapter for non-payment of such Chapter assessment. Chapter assessments shall not be levied against Institutional Members or their Representatives.

Section 2. The Chapter may collect monies from persons and institutions who are not members of the Society to place them on a mailing, US Postal Service or e-mail, list for meeting notices and other mailings, but such persons and institutions shall have no vote in Society or Chapter meetings or in mail balloting.

Article VIII. Committees

Section 1.
The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall consist of the Chapter officers. The Executive Committee shall conduct and manage the affairs of the Chapter, subject to these By-Laws, and shall possess all powers necessary or incidental to that purpose, including the right to appropriate and expend Chapter funds.

Section 2.
The standing committees of the Chapter shall include a Chapter Nominating Committee and such additional standing committees as the Executive Committee or the membership may determine.

Section 3.
The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Chair and two members of the Chapter, designated by the Executive Committee no later than March 1 of each year. This committee shall present a list of nominees to the members of the Chapter, as provided by Article V, Section 5. The Nominating Committee, at its discretion, may present more than one candidate for any one office.

Article IX. Dissolution
The Chapter retains its charter at the discretion of the ASIS&T Board. In the event of dissolution of the Chapter, the assets of the Chapter shall, after satisfaction of all just liabilities and obligations thereof, be paid into the general treasury of ASIS&T.

Article X. Amendment

Section 1.
These by-laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of those members present and voting on a proposed amendment at the Chapter meeting where the vote will take place. The vote can be taken at any Chapter meeting provided the proposed amendment has been sent, via US Postal Service or e-mail ballot, to each voting member at least 15 days prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered. Section 2.
Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed by the Executive Committee, a By-Laws Committee, or ten members of the Chapter. Proposals originating in the Executive Committee or By-Laws Committee shall be approved by a majority of the Executive Committee before submission to the membership. Proposals originating by petition shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee, and shall be presented with the recommendation of the Executive Committee to the voting members within 90 days of the Executive Committee meeting. Section 3.
No amendment to these by-laws shall take effect unless and until it has been certified by the ASIS&T Board of Directors as being in harmony with the Charter, Constitution, and By-Laws of ASIS&T. If so certified, the amendment shall be effective as of the date of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Chapter.

Revised 1979, Nov 1990
Adopted July 1991
Revised Jun 1992, Apr 2000, Mar 2001

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