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Whether you're looking to find a job or fill one, The Association for Information Science and Technology's Career programs can put you on the right track.

How Can I Find the Right Employee?

Searching for qualified employees is always time consuming. With ASIS&T's Jobline, your time is used effectively and the stack of resume's is piled in your favor. Jobline, a key part of ASIS&T's career services lists current job openings for all types of information professionals. Its distributed every month to all ASIS&T members. This valuable tool allows your organization to advertise job vacancies inexpensively and assures that you will receive vita‚ from individuals with experience or training in information management areas.

Want to list a job opening?

We'll send you a form on which you can outline the necessary information: title of position, a brief description of responsibilities, qualifications needed, salary range and name of a contact person. Or, just send the information directly to ASIS&T without the use of our form. Job openings will be listed for one month. If the position is filled before the month ends, notify ASIS&T. If you would like the position to remain listed for a second or third month, you'll save on each additional listing. You can also place your own display ads. For information about current rates or to submit a job listing contact Vanessa Foss (

Where Can I Find the Right Job?

If you're looking for a job yourself, then you'll want to read Jobline a list of position openings to find jobs in the information field -- many of them not advertised elsewhere. The list is updated monthly and is sent to all ASIS&T members.

Can ASIS&T Put Companies Needing to Fill Information Jobs and Candidates looking for Information Positions in Direct Contact?

Yes, The ASIS&T Placement Center is an opportunity for employers and job candidates to meet face-to-face. The Service is free-of-charge and is operated for members and meeting participants at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. If you're looking for a qualified candidate, you'll be able to examine collections of resumés and profiles. When you find a candidate that meets your requirements, you can arrange to meet that person -- usually the same day!. If you're looking for a position, you'll be able to scan through numerous openings to try to find an appropriate fit.

The Placement Center is one of the most inexpensive ways to carry on an intensive job search or recruit qualified employees. It has always provided a fertile ground for job-seekers and employers alike. Whether your looking for an entry-level position or an opportunity for a promotion, ASIS&T members are encouraged to take advantage of the Placement Center.

For more details or for Placement Center Registration information contact Vanessa Foss (

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