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Content Management Framework
ASIST Annual Meeting
Friday, November 2, 2001, 9am-5pm and
Saturday, November 3, 2001, 9am-5pm - SATURDAY CLASS CANCELLED


This interactive, hands-on workshop will provide participants with a step-by-step process for creating a successful content management framework system for their Web site and electronic publications. A series of real-world exercises will help participants develop Web site goals, target publications and identify collection mechanisms and a storage system.

You Will Learn About

  • What CM is and how it compares to what you might be doing now
  • How to get your organization to begin a CM initiative
  • The elements of a publication, including format and structure
  • Publishing workflow
  • How to gather content and put it into components
  • What types of content components you will need to create
  • How to manage the content you have collected and publish to the necessary publication types


Bob Boiko, founder and president of Metatorial Services Inc. and a faculty member of the Information School at the University of Washington. Bob has 15 years experience creating Web, hypertext and multimedia systems and tools for some of the world's top technology corporations, including Microsoft, Motorola and Boeing. After spending 5 years as a writer, consultant and software developer, Bob formed his own corporation to provide advanced information collection and delivery systems. In 1995, he merged his company with Chase and Associates Inc. . He and his two partners grew the combined company from a staff of six to a staff of 70. As the company grew, Bob served as president, head of sales and marketing, and head of operations, and was responsible for the technical vision supporting the company's leading position in content management. Today, Bob owns Metatorial Services, Inc., a small consultancy, which provides services for organizations embarking on content management projects. Bob has extensive experience in content and knowledge management, authoring, multimedia design, Web publishing and tool constructions. He has undergraduate degrees in physics and oceanography and a graduate degree in human communication. He is the author of numerous software guides, technical papers, columns, magazine articles, and an upcoming book on content management, He has been a featured speaker in the U.S. and abroad.

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