The Bulletin of ASIS&T

Advertising Guidelines and Rates

The Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) is a news magazine focusing on issues and topics affecting the information field, with emphasis on pragmatic management reports, opinions, and news of people and events in the information community.  The Bulletin is sent to all ASIS&T members as well as many other interested information professionals.  The total circulation is in excess of 4,200.

1 Time 3 Times 6 Times Dimensions
Full Page $690 $660 $620 7" x 10"
2/3 Page $550 $525 $495 4.5" x 5"
1/2 Page (Horizontal) $400 $380 $355 7" x 5"
1/3 Page (Vertical) $350 $340 $320 2.25" x 10"
1/3 Page (Horizontal) $350 $340 $320 4.5" x 5"
1/6 Page $240 $230 $215 2.25" x 5"


2nd Cover: $250 additional
3rd Cover: $200 additional
4th Cover: $300 additional

Color Rates

Standard AAAA each 2nd Color, expra per page: call for rate
Matched colors, extra per page: call for rate
Four color (covers only): call for rate

Additional Optional Charges

Special positions: specified positions, other than covers: 20% of page rate, additional
Bleeds: 15% of page rate, additional
Typesetting: $30 minimum or $6 per column inch set in 13 picas

(only one discount may apply)

ASIS&T Corporate Patron Members receive a 30% discount
Ad Agencies receive a 15% Discount


Preferred screen for halftones is 120-line (100-line screens are also acceptable)

Issue and Closing Dates

The Bulletin is published bi-monthly:  October/November, December/January, February/March, April/May, June/July, and August/September.  The volume begins with the October issue.  Insertion orders for advertising should arrive six weeks before the first day of the issue month.  Camera-ready copy is due on the first day of the month preceding the issue month.  Example:  October insertion orders are due by August 20; camera-ready copies are due by September 1.


Please send all insertion orders, camera-ready materials and correspondence concerning Bulletin advertising to:

Vanessa Foss
Association for Information Science and Technology
8555 16th Street, Suite 850
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: (301) 495-0900; Fax: (301) 495-0810

Rates are subject to change without notice.