October/November 1997

Volume 24, No. 1

Cover Stories

Organizing Internet Resources: Metadata and the Web

Efthimis N. Efthimiadis and Allyson Carlyle, guest editors

Cataloging Internet Resources: Survey and Prospectus

Erik Jul

The Dublin Core: A Simple Content Description Model for Electronic Resources

Stuart Weibel

Uniform Resource Identifiers and the Effort to Bring "Bibliographic Control" to the Web: An Overview of Current Progress

Ray Schwartz

Options for Organizing Electronic Resources: The Coexistence of Metadata

Sherry L. Vellucci

Metadata in Australia

Carmel Maguire

GEM: Using Metadata to Enhance Internet Retrieval by K-12 Teachers

Stuart A. Sutton and Sam G. Oh

From Book Classification to Knowledge Organization: Improving Internet Resource Description and Discovery

Diane Vizine-Goetz

Scorpion Helps Catalog the Web

Keith Shafer


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