October/November 1996

Cover Stories

Competitive Intelligence

Information Science and Competitive Intelligence:  Possible Collaborators?
Jerry P. Miller

How to Predict Companies' Future Actions - A Three Part Series
Leila K. Kight

Using a Company's Behavior to Predict Its Future - Part II
Leila K. Kight

Using Industry Forecasts as Tools for Predicting Future Actions - Part III
Leila K. Kight

Special Section - Information Warfare

Information Warfare: Military Doctrine and Economic Reality
Bonnie Carroll

From Hackers to Projectors of Power
John I. Alger

Smart Nations: Achieving National Security and National Competitiveness in the Age of Information
Robert D. Steele


Mooers' Law or Why Some Retrieval Systems Are Used and Others Are Not
Calvin Mooers


Colonel Andrew A. Aines

International Column

Introducing ADBS: The [French] Association of Information and Documentation Professionals
Michel Menou


Inside ASIS