Bulletin, October/November 2012

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Irene L. Travis, Editor

Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology


Thom Haller, our associate editor for information architecture, is this issue’s guest editor for our annual information architecture (IA) issue. Thom has assembled a broad range of articles in the special section, from the theoretical to the practical and from the verbal to the visual. Each of us is bound to find a gem or two of interest. In addition, in his regular IA Column, Thom examines the impact of the existing landscape on how we go about our information architecture.

In our features this issue, we return to the subject of research data access and preservation (RDAP). In her article “Sustainability: Scholarly Repository as an Enterprise,” Oya Rieger addresses a very important topic in the digital world: the requirements and plans to sustain a repository – in this case the pioneering subject archive, arXiv.com, now hosted at Cornell University. And then we have our own records to think about, too. As part of our ASIS&T 75th anniversary coverage, Kathryn La Barre offers timely guidance about accessing the ASIS&T archives at the University of Michigan and discusses the content of the archives.

And, finally, in recognition of the increasing importance of research data access and preservation, we launch a new column in this issue. With the support of SIG/DL (Special Interest Group/ Digital Libraries) RDAP Review will join the IA Column as a regular contribution. Susan Wells Parham, head of scholarly communication & digital curation at the Georgia Tech Library, will coordinate the column on behalf of SIG/DL for the current academic year. Joined in her debut by her colleague, Chris Doty, she examines whether the data management plans submitted with National Science Foundation proposals from Georgia Tech mention its institutional repository, SMARTech, and, if so, what they say and what sources they probably used for their information.