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October/November 2011
Vol. 38, No. 1
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Libraries, Librarians and Mobile Services
by Lisa Carlucci Thomas, guest editor of special section

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The Mobile Future of Place-Based Digital Collections
Dan DeSanto
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QR Codes and Library Engagement
by Michael J. Whitchurch

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Mobile Website Development:  From Site to App
by Edward Iglesias and Wittawat Meesangnil
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Designing Low-Cost Mobile Websites for Libraries
by Tiffini Travis and Aaron Tay

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Mobile Usability
by Jeff Wisniewski
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Information Overload, Information Architecture and Digital Literacy
by Tibor Koltay
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From Intervention Informatics to Prevention Informatics
by Sherrilynne Fuller
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IA Column

Is Information Architecture Dead?
by Thom Haller

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President's Page

by Linda C. Smith

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Editor's Desktop
by Irene Travis

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Inside ASIS&T
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