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This Issue
October/November 2009
Vol. 36, No. 1
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     Search 2009

Introduction to Search 2009
by Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Guest Editor, and Jay Ven Eman
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An Evolution of Search
by John D. Holt and David J. Miller
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Next Generation Search Platforms: How Vendors are Searching Unstructured Content
by Rich Turner
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Reconsidering Relevance and Embracing Interaction
by Daniel Tunkelang
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Searching Real-Time Financial News: PAR for the Course 
by Lawrence Rafsky
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Integration of Taxonomy and Keyword Searches: A Comparison of Two Implementations
by Ronald P. Millett
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Semantic Search
by Darrell W. Gunter
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Information Science Beyond the Border
by Luanne Freund and Heather O'Brien
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     Information Architecture

Hasta Luego
by Stacy Surla

Introduction from Thom
by Thom Haller

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The NISO Standard for Controlled Vocabularies: 
A Blueprint for Revision
by Bella Hass Weinberg
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