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October/November 2008
Vol. 35, No. 1
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by Mark H. Needleman, Special Section Guest Editor 
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Best Practice and Standardization Initiatives for Managing Electronic Resources
by Rafal Kasprowski
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DCMI Metadata Schema Registry for Sharing Authoritative Information about Metadata Schemas
by Mitsuharu Nagamori and Shigeo Sugimoto
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Toward Interoperability: A Report from 11th Open Forum on Metadata Registries and Related Standards
by Gail Hodge
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ISO 2788 + ISO 5964 + Much Energy = ISO 25964
by Stella G. Dextre Clarke
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Integration and Implementation Sciences: A Framework for Thinking about Standards in Complex, Problem-Based Research
by Caryn Anderson
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Surfing the Wave or Taking a Road Less Traveled: The 2008 Infonortics Search Engine Meeting
by Paul Thompson
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Inside ASIS&T | Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 162k)

ASIS&T Scholarly Communication Survey: Open Access Authors
by Margeaux Johnson and Nancy K. Roderer
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IA Column: Redesigning the Library Experience
by Michael Magoolaghan
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