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Bulletin October/November 2007

Vol. 34, No. 1
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Introduction: Folksonomies and Image Tagging: Seeing the Future?
by Diane Neal, Guest Editor
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Why Are They Tagging, and Why Do We Want Them To?
by P. Jason Morrison
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Trouble in Paradise:  Conflict Management and Resolution in Social Classification Environments
by Chris Landbeck
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Image Indexing:  How Can I Find a Nice Pair of Italian Shoes?
by Elaine Ménard
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Flickr Image Tagging:  Patterns Made Visible
by Joan Beaudoin
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Them!  Google's Ambivalence Toward Library and Information Science
by Shawne D. Miksa
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Some Thoughts on Information Science:  A Vision from Brazil
by Miriam Vieira da Cunha
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   Information Architecture

Information Architecture and Search Optimization:  Beginning a Beautiful Friendship
by Marianne Sweeny
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