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of the American Society for Information Science and Technology       Vol. 30, No. 1     October/November  2003

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From the Editor’s Desktop

Irene Travis

We begin a two-part special report in this issue on advances in biological informatics, focusing on the integrative challenges of biodiversity informatics and neuroinformatics. Guest Editor Bryan Heidorn has furnished six articles to which we have added a timely and pertinent announcement of the release of the Biocomplexity Thesaurus, an effort led by Jessica Milstead, winner of the ASIS&T 1999 Watson Davis for her many outstanding contributions to information science and to ASIS&T. I am very grateful to Bryan for pulling together such a fascinating collection of papers.

In our other feature article, “Copyright’s Digital Dilemma Today, Lee Strickland provides a quick and highly informative tour of the litigation surrounding the MP3 file-sharing controversy. He issues an urgent warning about widespread potential liability for copyright infringement (yes, this means us!) with significant penalties attached, given the present aggressive enforcement actions of the Recording Industry Association of America. In the next issue he will review the most current legal developments regarding other kinds of e-copying, including the TEACH Act of 2002, to complete this survey.

The International Column features Julian Warner’s views on recent decisions in the United Kingdom about the use of citation analysis in the Research Assessment Exercises that evaluate publicly funded university research. Julian is the international liaison to the ASIST Board of Directors.

Finally, out-going President Trudi Bellardo Hahn summarizes ASIST’s accomplishments during her presidency. There are many significant changes underway from plans to revise the ASIST website to changes to the SIG administrative structures, the Bulletin and the Annual Meeting. This President’s Page is definitely required reading.

I would like to thank Trudi for her varied and thoughtful reports and all our other contributors this year for their widely appreciated columns and articles.  ASIST members provide most of our copy, and we rely on your efforts. I hope to see many of you in Long Beach. Please remember to pack your ideas for the Bulletin with your sunscreen. Westward Ho!

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