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From the Editor's Desktop

In this issue we emphasize the recently added "T" in ASIST. Marge Hlava, former ASIST president and president of Access Innovations, Inc., and her partner, Jay ven Eman, provide Hot Topics articles to update us on automatic indexing and XML respectively. Marge also serves as the chairman of the Bulletin Advisory Board, and I take this opportunity to thank her for all her help.

Our other feature is based on investigations by a recently graduated MLS student at the University of Maryland, Jennifer Willard, and her advisor, Lee Strickland. Their two-part paper addresses the systems and information policies (no "T" without its "I"!) that support the admission and tracking of non-immigrant  aliens in the United States, the current status of these systems and proposals for their improvement. Their review is a major contribution to the discussion of this very important topic, and I hope it will get wide distribution.

Indeed, I found all the feature articles in this issue exceptionally informative and useful, and I hope that you will also find much of value.

In other departments, Andy Dillon's IA column is back in this issue.  Don Kraft brings us up-to-date on ASIST activities as he anticipates the end of his presidential term. And Edie Rasmussen and Hong Xu give us a preview of the 2002 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. 

We are also pleased to report that the Indonesia Digital Library Network (IndonesiaDLN) was the 2002 Special Category winner of the Most Favorite Program award from the Indonesian Infoscom Business Community (i2bc) and the Ministry of Communication and Information Indonesia. This project was the subject of the paper by Ismail Fahmi that won the ASIST SIG/III 2001 International Paper Competition. The paper was published in the April/May 2002 issue of the Bulletin. Congratulations to Ismail and his staff and to our discerning and hard-working SIG/III judges.

On a final note Paul Kantor has expressed his gratitude to the Bulletin for changing the name of his software product from FUNCOST to FUNKIEST in the August/September 2002 issue. We are pleased to receive this endorsement but apologize for any confusion this error may have caused.

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