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SIG/III International Competition: Papers on Practical Collaborative Applications of Digital Libraries

Editor's Note: As we have been reporting in the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, last year the ASIST Special Interest Group/International Information Issues (SIG/III) held an international competition for the best papers on practical collaborative applications of digital libraries or information science and technology in advancing communications, information and knowledge in the developing world. To be eligible, the principal author had to be a citizen of a developing country. In this issue of the Bulletin we present the winner of second place honors in the competition. The paper was written by Aashish Sharma of India and William Yurcik  of the United States. In subsequent issues of the Bulletin we will publish a number of other entries, including the third place paper.

Under the leadership of Sue O'Neill Johnson of the World Bank and Nathalie Leroy of the United Nations, SIG/III received 35 papers representing 20 developing countries. Six were awarded prizes and presented at the 2000 Annual Meeting. ASIST, with help of Academic Press and other donors, was able to fund some of the winning authors to come to Washington to present their work. Contest judges were Dr.Trudi Bellardo Hahn, University of Maryland; Dr. Ben-Ami Lipetz, State University of New York at Albany; and Dr. Bahaa El Hadidy, Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida.

SIG/III is holding a similar competition for 2001. For more details and entry information, see the article in Inside ASIST in this issue of the Bulletin

Irene L. Travis, Editor
Bulletin of the American Society for  Information Science and Technology

Winning Papers from the SIG/III 2000 Competition

    1. Kyiho Lee (Republic of South Korea). Construction of a Full-Text Database and Service System for Korean Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

    2. Aashish Sharma (India) and William Yurcik. The Emergence of Rural Digital Libraries in India: the Gyandoot Digital Library Intranet.

    3. Chao-chen Chen, et al (Taiwan). The Design of Metadata Interchange for Chinese Information and Implementation of Metadata Management System.

    4. Goswani (India). Statistical Databases in India: Toward a Better Dissemination.

    5. Yan Quan Liu and Jin Zhang (China). Digital Library Infrastructure A Case Study on Sharing Information Resources in China.

    6. Duncan Wambogo Omole (Kenya). Information Science and Technology in Developing Countries.

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