of The American Society for Information Science

Vol. 26, No. 4

April/May 2000

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Dr. Garfield Reports on the Progress of ASIS.


Telemedicine:  To Mount Everest and Beyond
Brett Harnett

The Role of Use Scenarios in Developing a Community Health Information System
Bharat Mehra, Ann Peterson Bishop and Imani Bazzell

Prospects of Distance Learning in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
Irina Kirillova

Maintaining Diversity in Information Agencies:  Accountability, Professionalism, Job Performance, Policies and Standards
Irene Owens

Cultural Usability in Digital Libraries
Elke Duncker, Yin Leng Theng and Norlisa Mohd-Nasir

Back to the Future:  Information Science for the New Millennium
Josť-Marie Griffiths

Crossword Puzzle
"Words Are Things" - Byron
M. Folkson

The Nature of Information
Edward Housman

European Column

European Developments in Intellectual Property
Sheila Webber


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