of The American Society for Information Science

Vol. 26, No. 4

April/May 2000

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Irene Travis
Editor's Note

The Global Village Reports In

The Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science is fortunate to receive many excellent "singleton" articles and columns produced by our friends and members, in addition to those solicited for special topics. This issue is composed entirely of such contributions, and, as such, can scarcely be expected to have a theme. Yet I am struck by the variety and diversity of the activities, localities and subjects that are covered here - distance learning in Kazakhstan (Kirillova), telemedicine in the Himalayas (Harnett), health information needs in Champagne-Urbana (Mehra), intellectual property developments in Europe (Webber). Indeed, diversity issues themselves are directly addressed by several papers -- in health information needs as mentioned above, as a management challenge (Owens) and as a factor in interface design (Duncker). We also have interesting reading on the Society and the profession from ASIS presidents past (Griffiths) and present (Garfield). Finally, some of our members have chosen to combine their avocations with their vocations.  For those of you who thought it would be nice if the Bulletin occasionally more closely resembled the New York Times Sunday Supplement (and I'm sure you are legion!) we have a poem (Houseman) and a crossword puzzle by a mystery member. I hope that you will enjoy these offerings as much as I enjoyed compiling them.

Irene L. Travis
Editor, ASIS Bulletin

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