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ASIST President Donald H. KraftPresident's Page

Donald H. Kraft

2002 ASIST President


Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4020; 225/578-2253; e-mail: kraft@bit.csc.lsu.edu .

In my inaugural address at the ASIST Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, in November 2001, I noted that the information age is indeed upon us. Furthermore, I noted that it has been over a year since we changed the name of our society to address the effects of the dramatic changes in technology upon our professional society and upon ourselves.

The year 2001 has been a successful one, but we must consolidate our gains. It was great seeing that people were willing to travel to Washington, DC, to come to the Annual Meeting. I noted in that address that we must make sure that all of the Society's standing committees are up and functioning properly with new charges to make ASIST the best information society. We must also make sure that the SIGs and chapters remain vital, contributing to the programs and activities of the Society. In addition, we must make sure that the Society continues to run itself well, especially in terms of finances, continuing to solidify and then to enhance our gains. We must make sure the Board is dealing properly with all of the issues of governing the Society. For example, the Board and some of its task forces are meeting more often via conference calls, using modern information technology to facilitate the governance of your Society.

However, we must also consider how to make sure that the Society is continually at the forefront of information science and technology. This goal means having the latest and greatest website for the Society, with access for members to all the member services that you deserve. It also includes setting up a digital library, that is, a portal, so ASIST members can get seamless access to any and all Society publications and more. And it means making sure that we have the best possible member services and benefits for our members; for example, regional forums (local groups coming together around specific topics within information science and technology).

We need your input as caring, participating members more than ever. We are looking into the latest "hot" topics for additional institutes and summits; for annual meeting themes; for keynote speakers; for tracks and sessions at those meetings; and for special issues of the Bulletin or the Journal and other activities. We are looking into which external societies and organizations within the information science and technology world should be involved with ASIST in one liaison-like capacity or another. To paraphrase a saying in the 60s, "tune in, turn on (to ASIST) and drop in." Become involved; ask me about joining a committee or at least adding your voice to the committee's work! And, for those of you who have already been involved with ASIST, to repeat myself, no good deed goes unpunished so let's do it again. ASIST needs you. As I have been known to say occasionally in the past, "publish in JASIST," now let me add, "get active in ASIST!"

Finally, as I noted in my inaugural address, which some might have called a sermon or a rant, there is no reason why ASIST should not be the number one information science and technology society. It should be where others come to inquire about how IS&T can and should be done. ASIST can and should lead, especially by example.

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