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      Who Killed Privacy

      by Shelly Warwick

            Who killed privacy?
            We, said the right,
            With fear and delight
            We killed privacy

            Who saw it die?
            We, said the rest,
            (Though we're under arrest)
            We saw it die

            Who tried to protest?
            We, said the EC,
            With a directive or three
            We tried to protest

            Who'll make the shroud?
            We, business stated,
            As it self regulated,
            We'll make the shroud

            Who'll dig its grave?
            We, said the insurers,
            Tracking your heart murmurs
            We'll dig its grave

            Who'll be the parson?
            We, said Congress,
            As we stand by and do less
            We'll be the parson.

            All the greedy hucksters
            Fell a-laughing with great glee
            When they heard the bell
            Peal the death of privacy

The poet and author Shelly Warwick, with noted acknowledgement and thanks to Mother Goose, can be reached via e-mail at swarwick@sprynet.com

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