June/July 1997

Volume 23, No. 5

Cover Stories

Electronic Recordkeeping

Electronic Systems and Records Management in the Information Age: An Introduction
Richard J. Cox

Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping

Compiling Warrant in Support of the Functional Requirements for Recordkeeping
Wendy M. Duff

Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping: Further Developments at the University of Pittsburgh
Kimberly J. Barata

Automating Electronic Records Management in a Transactional Environment: The Philadelphia Story
Mark D. Giguere

Models for Action: Developing Practical Approaches to Electronic Records Management and Preservation
Alan Kowlowitz and Kristine Kelly

NHPRC Project at the University of Indiana
Phillip Bantin

Implementation of Imaging Technology for Recordkeeping at the World Bank
Clive D. Smith

Implementing Functional Requirements through Policy and Strategy: Efforts Outside the United States


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