Electronic Recordkeeping

Implementing Functional Requirements through Policy and Strategy: Efforts Outside the United States

One approach to implementing functional requirements for electronic records is to build systems that reflect them. Another, and often prior approach, is to incorporate them into the policies and guidelines of governmental organizations and other records keepers. Agencies in the United States and elsewhere are issuing such policy statements at a rapid rate. Many have been influenced by the NHPRC requirements or the University of British Columbia approach. Some examples of efforts of international bodies or governments are listed below. All documents listed are available through the Web for display or download at the agency Web sites. At the sites, most can be found on the agency's publications lists or through special electronic records pages. The University of Pittsburgh NHPRC homepage (http://www.lis.pitt.edu/~nhprc/) maintains links to these and other sites of interest.

Archives Authority of New South: http://www.records.nsw.gov.au

Documenting the Future
Introducing Electronic Recordkeeping
Draft Policy on Electronic Recordkeeping
Draft Policy on Electronic Messages as Records
Desktop Management: Guidelines for Managing Electronic Documents and Directories
Corporate Memory in the Electronic Age: Statement of a Common Position on
Electronic Recordkeeping

Australian Archives: http://www.aa.gov.au

Keeping Electronic Records
Managing Electronic Records
Managing Electronic Messages as Records
Playing for Keeps: Proceedings of an Electronic Records Management
Conference Hosted by the Australian Archives (1995)

National Archives of Canada: http://www.archives.ca

Managing Electronic Records in an Electronic Work Environment
Electronic Work Environment (EWE) - Vision
Record Keeping in the Electronic Work Environment - Vision
Records/Document/Information Management: Integrated Document Management
System for the Government of Canada - Request for Proposal - Requirements Managing Shared Directories and Files
Electronic Records Management Initiatives in the Government of Canada - A Directory
E-Mail Policies in the Government of Canada - A Directory

International Council on Archives: Committee on Electronic Records: http: www.archives.ca/ica/english.html

Guide for Managing Electronic Records from an Archival Perspective
Electronic Records Programs: Report on the 1994/95 Survey
Electronic Records Management: A Literature Review