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June/July 2012
Vol. 38, No. 5
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Research Data Access & Preservation (RDAP)


by Melissa Weaver, Special Section Guest Editor
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RDAP Program Overview
by Reagan Moore and Melissa Weaver
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The RDAP12 Summit:  Challenges and Opportunities for Data Management
by Karen M. Wickett, Xiao Hu and Andrea Thomer
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Advancing the Practice of Data Citation:  A To-Do List
by Joseph A. Hourclé
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Data Citation Initiatives and Issues
by Matthew S. Mayernik
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Session Summary:  The RDAP12 Panel on Training Data Management Practitioners
by Xiao Hu
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Session Summary:  The RDAP12 Data Citation Panel
by Matthew S. Mayernik
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The Changed and Changing ADI/ASIS/ASIS&T After 75 Years
by Robert V. Williams

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Open Access to the Scientific Journal Literature - Status and Challenges for the Information Systems Community
by Bo-Christer Björk and Patrik Paetau
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Taxonomies, Biology and Baseball:  The Need for Fieldwork
by Jay Ven Eman

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President's Page

by Diane H. Sonnenwald

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Editor's Desktop
by Irene Travis

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Inside ASIS&T
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