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This Issue
June/July 2009
Vol. 35, No. 5
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  SPECIAL SECTION                                                                                   

     Visual Representation, Search and Retrieval: Ways of Seeing

by Diane Neal, guest editor of special section
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Information Visualization Services in a Library?
A Public Health Case Study
by Barrie Hayes, Hong Yi, Andrés Villaveces
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Visualizing Television Archives
by Courtney Michael, Mayo Todorovic, Chris Beer
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by Nathan Yau, Jodi Schneider
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Reconstructing Bellour: Automating the Semiotic Analysis of Film
by Richard L. Anderson, Brian C. O'Connor
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An Arbitrage Opportunity for Image Search and Retrieval
by Ray Uzwyshyn
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Professional Responsibility, Power, Recruitment and Retention of Members in the Society
by Phillip M. Edwards
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Resource Description and Access (RDA) and New Research Potentials
by Shawne D. Miksa

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What's New?
Selected Abstracts from JASIST

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