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June/July 2008
Vol. 34, No. 5
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  SPECIAL SECTION                                                                                   

Bringing Genre into Focus
by Luanne Freund and Christoph Ringlstetter, Guest Editors of Special Section
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Why Information has Shape
by Andrew Dillon
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Stalking the Wild Web Genre (with apologies to Euell Gibbons)
by Mark A. Rosso
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Situating Relevance Through Task-Genre Relationships
by Luanne Freund
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Practical Aspects of Automatic Genre Classification
by Christoph Ringlstetter and Andrea Stubbe
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LIS and Genre Between People, Texts, Activity and Situation
by Jack Andersen
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Research Interviews for Library and Information Professionals
by Andrew P. Carlin
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  IA COLUMN                                                                                                

Information Advantage
by Ted Sienknecht
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Editor's Desktop | Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 156k)

Inside ASIS&T | Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 331k)

Designing a User-Centered Conference for User-Centered Information Professionals: The Story of InfoCamp Seattle
by Aaron Louie
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ASIS&T Scholarly Communication Survey
by Margeaux Johnson and Nancy K. Roderer
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